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Cancellation of Debt - What Is It?

Cancellation of Debt - What Is It?

Cancellation of debt or COD happens at a time when a creditor relieves the debtor from the pressure of a compulsory debt. It is possible for the debtors to negotiate with the creditors and convince them to forgive their debt. Apart from asking the creditors, debtors can also opt for the debt relief program or go for the file bankruptcy to get debt cancellation. The debts which are forgiven by the creditors are taxed as income. The creditor will cancel the debt and then record the debt. It will then be reported to the debtor as income. 

Breaking down the cancellation of debt

The cancellation of debt will be a great source of relaxation to the debtor. Cancellation of debt occurs between countries as well to provide them with economic support. Debt borrowers might be too disturbed about the debt they have to pay. However, they can always negotiate with their creditor or even file a bankruptcy which will lower down some amount of the debt. 

How to negotiate with the creditors

It will be a very challenging aspect to negotiate the cancellation of debt with a creditor. The majority of the creditors are not at all willing to go for cancellation of their debts since that is their main source of income. 

It all depends upon how the debtors negotiate with them and how financially stable is the creditor that he can go for the cancellation of debt. There are many creditors who have credit relief services which you can get if you pay a very small fee. This opportunity can be made use of under circumstances including loss of job or a medical emergency. 

If you have taken credit loans from any of the government programs, there will be a very high chance of debt forgiveness for you. These kinds of credit loans include student loans as well as mortgage loans. These loans can be forgiven by the government as they come under the category of government relief programs. 

Debt relief programs

There are many debt relief programs and settlement companies across the world which provide help to distressed borrowers and relieve them from the tension of paying back their loan. 

Debt settling companies work on behalf of the borrower and they help the borrower in negotiating with the creditor to reduce or forgive the debtors debt. However, this kind of process might take a long time but it can also be quicker for those debtors who deal with payments quite frequently. 

If you will contact with a debt settlement company, they will ask for the debtors entire detail, their credit profile and then contact the creditor on behalf of the debtor for cancellation of debt. Employees of the debt settling company normally ask the creditor to cancel the debt as well as ask the borrowers to stop the monthly payment on the credit cards to settle down the creditor. 


Bankruptcy might be one of the best choices that a borrower could make. In the case of bankruptcy, the borrower has this great option of getting the support from an attorney and involve the courts as well. In this case, the entire situation will be handled by an expert attorney and since the courts will be involved, majority of the time the creditor has to declare cancellation of the debt for the borrower. 

This is the best option that a borrower can go to specially if there is no other way to get cancellation of debt. The court and attorney will deal with all the situation and eventually the debtor will benefit. Debt forgiveness is not income in a bankruptcy which is why it is a big help in saving all kinds of tax liabilities. 

The bottom line

So, this was all there was about the cancellation of debt and how it is done. The best thing that a borrower can do is to negotiate with the creditor and if that is easily done, there should be no more to it.

However, if the problem is not solved this way, the borrower can go for debt relief programs and the best he could do is to file a bankruptcy which is the best way to get cancellation of debt. 

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