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Filing Season Info and Tips for 2021

Filing Season Info and Tips for 2021

The tax day is around the corner, and it is not too early to start preparing your documents for Uncle Sam. This is a really busy time for accountants and tax professionals since they would have many things to do. For one to avoid last-minute frustration, here are tips for dealing with tax systematically.


  1. Start Early

Records have it that up to 20% of taxpayers do not file on time. This exposes them to various penalties from Uncle Sam; as a result, filing on time can go a long way to help avoid hassle with the IRS. Filing early means you get your refund on time and reduces the chances of errors and tax frauds. 

  1. Be Organized

This involves having a schedule and collating the essential data and documents you need. Here are some necessary documents and data one need to gather:

  • Bank statements 

  • Receipts related to taxes

  • Client’s personal details

  • Information about income sources

Good organization is one of the keys to having a smoother tax season.

  1. Be informed

Tax laws change frequently without any prior notice, making it crucial to be aware and informed of such reforms. There could be an increase in thresholds or phase out deductions, which could affect your return. 

This makes it essential to stay abreast as it helps avoid incorrect filing returns, which, in many cases, could cause issues with the IRS or delay refunds.


  1. Get Help

Tax challenges could be complicated, and there are times you might need the services of an expert like PAT RASKOB. Tax issues are so complicated and time-consuming that leaving it to the experts will save you time, money and give you the peace of mind that a professional is handling your taxes. 

With a tax professional, the process becomes seamless with a high probability of accuracy.

  1. Employ Technology 

Technology has proven indispensable when it comes to tax and accounting. One can use many tax software and accounting solutions that can significantly reduce stress for business and tax preparers. There is a high degree of accuracy since it automates the tax filing process. 

Modern technology such as cloud computing also makes the tax process easy because data is available remotely. Various users have access to the data, and there is an option for scalability.


  1. Check if you qualify for deductions.

One of the legal ways to reduce the sum of money you send to Uncle Sam is deductions. The tax bracket of most taxpayers helps determine their eligibility for tax deductions. As a business, the purchase of things like work clothes, IT equipment, furniture, etc., can further reduce deduction. Other things like college tuition, healthcare, retirement contribution, etc., can also reduce the tax amount. 

This makes it essential for one to have good records of all bills and expenses in the year as it will come in handy during the filing season.

  1. Watch out for Frauds

While taxpayers and businesses are trying to fulfill their obligation to the FG, unscrupulous beings are also devising various schemes to scam people. As a result, companies need to be aware of multiple security threats. 

Here are vital points one need to keep in mind:

  • IRS does not communicate via email

  • Employ a strong antivirus

  • Your cloud provider should be reliable.

  • Your business and other account password need to be healthy.

With this, you can be assured of peace of mind as you prepare to file your return.



Many professionals and businesses might find tax seasons stressful. It, however, does not mean they cannot be successful with the process. We are confident that these tips will go a long way in ensuring you have a stress-free period preparing for your 2020 Tax.



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