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Fintech: Money Management and Financial Technology

Fintech: Money Management and Financial Technology

By providing a better user experience and control over various aspects of money management, financial technology (Fintech) applications are an effective and convenient way to take care of your finances. Today, users spend about seven times more money on apps than on mobile sites and using mobile devices accounts for a growing percentage of time online. Investment in applications is a natural step for the financial technology industries.

In recent times, an increasing number of financial technology applications have become available to individual users and businesses. To help you decide which ones best meet your personal or business needs, we're looking at some of the top fintech apps currently available for download.


Matador is an app for social investing. It uses the features of Robinhood and Twitter, on the one hand, it is a great device for connecting with family and friends online, and on the other hand, it serves as an investment tool. You can see what your friends are investing in and follow their example. In addition to social investment, it also allows a free exchange of shares and ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds). Also, the application provides all the information needed to complete a transaction. Users can search for companies, view stock price history, and access transactions.


If you're searching for an app that helps you manage your bills, track your budget, and know your finances, Mint is a perfect choice. The user-friendly interface is straightforward to use, making it easy to keep track of the latest grips and results. One of the numerous advantages of the app is its level of security. All data in the application is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, and the data exchanged with Mint is encrypted with a 128-bit SSL protocol.


Tellus is not a typical fintech app; it's a rent management solution that manages all the everyday interactions between tenants and homeowners. Help the owner or manager collect the rent, manage the property, and keep all the tenant details in one place. The application uses features such as online rental fee payment, tenant selection, rental list, cost control, repairs, chat contracts, and digital leasing. The founders brought together the best innovations of the fintech class, messaging, platforms, file sharing.


Available for Android and iOS users, Revolut offers several convenient features. The application allows you to open bank accounts in minutes and also allows users to exchange 28 coins at real speed. Also, the app offers free transactions at $ 130, free debit cards, as well as the ability to buy and sell crypto coins.


The Emma, Personal Finance Management app, has grown in popularity after its immediate release. Emma is a financial partner that helps users find wasteful subscriptions, avoid overdrafts, and control their finances. The app allows users to log in to bank accounts and track their expenses. Emma offers financial advice to help you manage your budget with care. Besides, it helps to keep control of bank accounts, eliminating the need for official banking applications. The founders paid special attention to safety. As a result, Emma uses a range of state-of-the-art security measures to ensure complete data protection.


The trigger is an essential application for anyone who has money on the stock market. Although not directly related to a cash transaction, the app will inform you of events that may affect the stock market, including tweets sent by President Donald Trump.


Billing becomes more attractive and easier with the launch of a new application called Inly. With Inly, you can send bills quickly and easily, receive payments by check or credit card. The app is the ideal solution for artists, such as photographers and videographers, who often do not like to handle checks and bills. The founders who wanted to make it easier to send and receive the invoice an enjoyable experience, which would have allowed customers to pay more quickly. Also, the mobile application will enable users to create custom customer contracts and conduct business reviews.

To use the app, you need to sign up, create a Stripe account if you do not already have one, and then start receiving/sending payments. Users have already enjoyed Inly for its design and features.


Blockchain is rapidly becoming an important technology in financial technology, so it's no wonder applications are being improved to help users navigate the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Coinbase is one of the best and easiest fintech app to use. Even if you cannot distinguish your etheric bitcoin, the application simplifies the cryptographic management of coins by allowing you to track all your transactions via an easy to use interface. Cryptographic parts supported by the application include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.


If the main reason you want to manage your money is to increase your savings, this is the application that's right for you. Acorn allows you to save money quickly and save work for you. The app invests in a wide range of possibilities, which will enable you to increase your yield while reducing risk. The amount you can expect from your investments will vary depending on the portfolio you choose, with conservative and aggressive options available.


As financial technology applications grow in popularity, the quantity and quality of applications available only increase. Get started with these easy-to-use high-tech apps and discover that you're managing your money more efficiently than ever before.

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