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Free File Alliance: What is it all about?

Free File Alliance: What is it all about?

Are you one of the many American Citizens who’s starting to get worried whenever tax season filing deadline is getting closer? Worry no more! The Free File Alliance, a nonprofit coalition of industry-leading tax s9ftware companies partnered with the Internal Revenue Services offers free tax solutions to all American taxpayers. You’ll find more about Free File Alliance at

You can access free, industry-leading tax software that offers tax-related services such as preparing, completing, e-filing your federal tax returns without any cost. Provided that you're a taxpayer with 2017 Adjusted Gross Income of $66, 000 or less. Those whose earning $66, 000 or less can also take advantage of free state return options.

On the other hand, taxpayers whose earnings exceed an AGI of $66, 000 can do an e-file for their federal tax returns or file an extension through Free File Fillable Forms. If you’re familiar with the tax law and no longer need any assistance for preparing your return, this service is designed for taxpayers like you. Not only that. Taxpayers call also expect assistance with their health requirements from Free File.

Here are the three objectives of the Free File Alliance according to

  • Provide greater access to tax filing options free of charge online
  • Easier tax filing preparation and lessening the burden of individual taxpayers, and,
  • Aiming to reach the goal of having 80 percent tax returns filed electronically 

Isn't it amazing? You can now work on your taxes anytime, anywhere. There is no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of Free File Program because the convenience and assistance it offers are really beneficial for you. The executive director of Free File Alliance, Tim Hugo, said their program is the fastest, safest, and free way to take care of your taxes whether you're filing your tax return or file an extension. Taxpayers will find the best tax software in the industry at Free File without having to pay anything for their services.

Another great thing about Free File Alliance in partnership with the IRS is that it allows taxpayers to efficiently use their own smartphones or tablets to prepare and file their federal and state tax returns electronically. The user-friendly design is meant for people to use desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets for additional convenience. To be able to have access and use a mobile device, two things have to be done. 

  • Download and use the IRS app, IRS2Go and click the link to the Free File Software Lookup Tool. 
  • Open your device’s browser in order to go to and find the software product that corresponds to your current needs and situation. Your device must have an Android and iOS operating systems to get started.

There is a good reason why the Free File program has provided over $1.5 billion in free tax software over the last 15 years. The members of the program have continually co-operated with the IRS to further develop Free File. It's no surprise why taxpayers consistently reported that the program is user-friendly and efficient. An IRS survey year 2009 was conducted and showed 96 percent of users find the easy use of Free File while 98 percent said the program is worth recommending to other people.

The main purpose of this program since it was formed in 2003, is to help low and middle-income Americans to file their taxes without difficulty and at no cost. Since then, 50 million taxpayers have benefited from the program and returns increased over the years.

The IRS choose to be in partnership with a private industry rather than providing its own software free and accessible to the public because of their proven established expertise and experience in electronic operation and the best technology and services they made available. It is a different approach compared to other private sector firms offering free e-filing to taxpayers for many years because a multi-year agreement was made between IRS and the Free File Alliance making free offerings consistently available and there’s no longer a need to modify or discontinue every year. With Free File, taxpayers can easily access the IRS website offering a list of all free offerings from Free File Alliance companies without cost to taxpayers.

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