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I Never Got My Stimulus Check, Now What?

I Never Got My Stimulus Check, Now What?

Congress already passed a new bill approving the third stimulus check. However, many people are yet to get their second checks. A lot of people have no idea where their second stimulus check is. 

The households that qualify for the third stimulus check are few since the phaseout income range is low. 

Consider the IRS Get My Payment Tool 

Uncle Sam has started uploading data, and other information for the third stimulus check on its website at the Get My Payment page. Taxpayers can log on and check their payment status, alongside the projected date the stimulus payment will get to you – whether or by mail or deposit—the information on the delivery method – whether by direct deposits or mail, will also be available.

This article will explore some issues people are facing when it comes to getting their stimulus check.

“Payment Status Not Available” Message Displayed 

On logging in to the IRS online tool to check for your stimulus payment, there could be a payment that displays that your information is not available at the moment or that you do not qualify for a check. Such data might be uploaded in a couple of days. 

On checking for their second stimulus check, a lot of people got a message that "Payment Status #2 – Not Available." Uncle Sam has made it clear that such people will not get a stimulus check via mail or direct deposit. Besides, such will have to send in their 2020 tax return by 2021 tax day to get their "Recovery Rebate Credit."

Payment Issued Yet I Haven’t gotten it. 

Uncle Sam informed many people that checked their status via the online tool that their second stimulus check has already been mailed since January. A lot of people, however, did not get the check for many weeks. People in this category (that the Get My Payment tool indicated that the payment was mailed weeks ago) can request a trace of payment. Uncle Sam will look into what happened to the check; if the check remains un-cashed, such taxpayers will need to claim their Recovery Rebate Credit (RRC) on their next return.

If Uncle Sam discovers that the check was cashed, there will be a claim package from the US Department of Treasury, alongside a copy of the cashed check, and how to file a claim. 

In the same manner, if the search revealed that your payment was sent through direct deposit and the funds did not reflect in your account after five days, you need to check with your bank. Should the bank indicate that it didn’t get any payment, you can also request a payment trace. 

Why did I get a Debit Card?

Millions of debit cards were issued to taxpayers for their second stimulus check. It does not matter if you received the first stimulus payment via check or direct deposit, as there is a good chance the second one came via a debit card. 

Such prepaid Visa debit cards were issued by MetaBank and called Economic Impact Payment Cards (EIP). Such card will arrive in a white envelope tagged with Economic Impact Payment Card at the return address. 

Activation of the card and choosing the 4-digit pin involves calling the phone number imprinted with the package. Some cards come with more than one name. The first name is the person that can activate the card. 

One can use the EIP for online transactions or withdraw cash with a daily limit. Owners can transfer the funds to their bank account after signing up for online access. 

While there are some fees that come with the card, one might avoid such by using it wisely. For instance:

  • Using an ATM or bank teller to withdraw comes with a fee.

  • Checking the balance of the card in any ATM comes with a fee.

There is a free mobile app with which one can check the account balance. Currently, Uncle Sam has not announced the number of debit cards it will issue to pay for the third stimulus check. 



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