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Learn about Divorce Tax Breaks

Learn about Divorce Tax Breaks

The national tax laws deeply cover all aspects of your lives. These rules can affect every change in your life. It may present different opportunities to avoid costly pitfalls. You have to record upcoming changes in your life to hold down a legal tax bill. If you are contemplating a procedure of divorce, you have to add taxes to the list of complications because you have to deal with them. For starters, if a split is ultimate, you have to file a W-4 form with a decrease or increase the withheld amount from paychecks. Here are some tips for divorce tax breaks and return yourself to tax-friendly single life.

Legal Fees

Numerous legal charges linked with the divorce are nondeductible personal expenditures. You can get chances to save money. To an extent, your lawyer should pay attention to alimony (recipient has to pay tax on alimony, the payer will get a deduction on this amount) and other tax issues. It is essential to decide who will get the exemptions related to dependency and minutiae of transfers of properties between spouses. 

A particular section of the bill will be deductible as miscellaneous expenditures if itemized. This element can be a tax-save and your attorney should have the ability to break out the portion of a bill related to taxes. The miscellaneous expenditures, such as qualifying costs will be deductible to an extent if your various expenses exceed 2 percent of AGI (adjusted gross income).

Exemptions for Kids

The custodial parents (the person having kids with him/her for the maximum period) claims qualifying kids as dependents on his/her tax return. The exemption of dependency is subject to changes. It is legal for a noncustodial parent to claim a daughter or son as his/her dependent if the custodial parent signs one waiver that he/she will not claim the similar child his/her return.

The return of noncustodial parent must have 8332 form each year he/she claims the kids. It makes a financial sense if the parent (noncustodial) in higher tax bracket prefer this. Waiving the exemption right will also waive the right to prerogative the college credits and child credit. These tax savers are only for parents who claim children as their dependents.

Filing Status

Splitting up couples, but not divorced before the end of the current year still you have the day to file a tax return. As of 31 December, your married status will control your filing status. If you don’t want to file a joint return for this year, you can submit your return as a head of the family after divorce and get the advantage of general tax bracket and significant deductions. If you are living with dependents for over half year and paid for over half of their maintenance for your house, you can claim deductions. If you are still planning your divorce, you must file your joint return that can save your money or choose to file separately (married couple filing separately).

Medical Expenditure

If you are consistently paying the medical bills of your child after divorce, you are eligible to include these costs in deductions. You can claim these deductions even if children are with your ex-spouse and he/she is claiming the exemption of dependency. The bill you will pay for your child could give a 10% threshold that applies to many taxpayers regarding medical deductions. The charges are deductible to a particular extent that they exceed 10% of AGI (adjusted gross income). 

Transfer of Asset

Divorce settlements may require you to shift property from a spouse to another. The recipient will not pay any tax on this transfer. Keep it in mind that property will be shifted on a tax basis. If you obtain property from ex-spouse in settlement of divorce, you have to pay a tax on the capital gain at the time of selling this property. The tax will be paid on appreciated amount.

For this reason, you have to consider tax basis at the time of divorce. A $100,000 in bank account worth more than $100,000 in a stock portfolio that has $50,000 basis. You have to pay taxes on $50,000 profit. If you are splitting up, you will need a professional tax preparer to get divorce tax breaks.

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