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Overcoming Money Conflict With Your Business Partner

Overcoming Money Conflict With Your Business Partner

Conflicts in a group are inevitable, likewise in a business. The crucial thing is the resolution of such conflicts. However one of the common aspects of experiencing this conflict is profit sharing and tax. An agreement that was initially made may require amendment, meaning you and your partner are about to alter the business structure. 

The attention of every business partnership at the start is on profit-making and cash flow. The agreement is set on those two factors. However, as time passed, the business expanded, and many factors became involved. 

So how do you manage this inevitable circumstance with your partner to reach a satisfactory resolution? This article states the easiest ways to be on the page with your partner.

Understand the Initial Agreement

A business should have a formal legal agreement for it to succeed. If you have one, such as a shareholder or partnership agreement, it’s time to visit the dispute section. If you have a money dispute resolution pattern or clauses, follow the agreement and initial intentions to resolve this problem.

If you run a business with no legal agreement, you will have to rely on the informal agreement made with your partner. This evidence can be in different forms such as email, notes, text messages, or recordings. Thoroughly go through them for any information regarding your windfall.

Settle on Goals

You have to be thoughtful with who you get into business with. Don’t rely on how long you’ve known or worked with the person but consider the goals you plan to achieve. These goals set at the beginning of the business can help in this situation. You can remind your partner why the business was created and on what grounds.

Plan Ahead 

If you’re beginning to sense some tension with your partner, it’s time to stop the disagreement before it escalates. Most money conflicts result from tax payments. One partner may decide to file the taxes based on the ratio, but others may disagree. You will have to hire an accountant or a legal structure to formulate your tax during the holiday season. So tax payment will not be an issue on resuming.

Defined Money Roles

Your financial duty in the business should be defined and different from your partner’s. Share the roles according to skills and experience. Instead of struggling on who performs the most duties, focus on running the business using an employee-based strategy. Handling the same tasks in a business will surely result in conflicts. So avoid the method of working.

Seek a Mediator

When every line is crossed, and there is no effective result, there is no choice but to seek a professional. A third party exists to assist in this situation. They are trained as mediators to resolve all types of disputes in any environment. The settlement will be cleaner, clearer, and faster when you involve a mediator, and the outcome will favor both parties. With a mediator, a fair amount of tax will be contributed by both parties.    

If you don’t like the idea of a mediator, your friend or colleague may be of assistance. However, be careful about who you involve and ensure you pick a person trained on the financial aspect of business and take no side. Else, the situation may end up in more problems.



Business won’t progress if you have a money conflict with your partner. The safer side is to resolve this conflict before moving on. It is important to eliminate emotions and figure out the root of the money conflict. When every line is crossed, and there is still no resolution, it is best to seek litigation against the business.



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