Some Issues Retirees Might have to Face

Some Issues Retirees Might have to Face

Retired seniors are part of the most vulnerable people in any society. They are susceptible to various issues that can cause a problem for them if left unchecked. 

As a result, this article will explore various issues and threats to be aware of as you gravitate toward retirement.


  1. Inflation

Inflation makes money lose value, so your income and assets will lose value with time. As a result, what you have in cash and investment will lose value and might not be enough to take care of you over time. This means that you need more money to maintain your lifestyle. 

With time, your purchasing power will reduce; thus, your income will no longer be able to take care of your needs.


  1. Income Gap

You have an income gap when various sources of income like pension or social security cannot completely take care of your needs. As a result, there is a gap between what you receive and what you need. 

It is common when one changes status from an employee to a retiree. This makes it essential to have other sources of income to take care of any gap

  1. Rate of Interest

While the interest rate is a risk, not many people understand it. Whatever income might come to you from a fixed investment is a matter of the interest rate. With low-interest rates, you will need more money to take care of the increase in income gaps since you are receiving less. 

Sadly, interest rates have climbed to deficient levels, which might not change anytime soon. As a result, many might look for higher yields that are sometimes risky for people.


  1. Taxes 

One of the most significant issues retirees have to deal with is taxes. Many people have shifted their tax liability until retirement in saving for 401(k). As a result, they are faced with many issues as they cannot adequately plan for retirement due to uncertainty in the future tax rate. 

Besides, required minimum distribution can trigger liquidation of some investment no matter if you need the income or not. Taxes significantly affect your income strategy when you retire.


  1. Long Term Care

There is this confusion on long-term care, whether it is a source of concern. As people age, they might get to a stage where caring for themselves will be impossible. As a result, they might need to be transferred to a nursing home, hire a caregiver, etc. Sadly, such could be financially demanding, placing massive pressure on the spouse, both mentally and economically. 

This makes it essential to plan and explore options for long-term care for retirees. You need this to avoid surprises along the line.


  1. Health Care

Sadly, health care costs are rising, and it has been an issue which the government seems undecided about. As a result, plans for coverage and costs are not clear for many. 

All citizens above age 65 can take advantage of Medicare. However, there is a possibility of raising the age bar. Even then, Medicare does not take care of the entire expenses and needs. This makes it essential to make an adequate plan for your health, depending on the medications you need, the level of care you require, supplements and other drugs you must take, and the doctors that attend to you.


  1. Tech and Medical Advancement 

While advancement in tech and medicine might not seem like a potential financial issue, the cause for concern comes when it is apparent that they can increase your life expectancy. Thanks to more discovery and advancement in medicine, mortality is being extended, translating to income for more years. While this extends life, the quality of life didn't experience a corresponding improvement. As a result, people might face extra expenses alongside expenses for long-term care. 


Retirement comes with a series of baggage and must be managed appropriately. One greatest mistake common to many is to think they can navigate it without an adequate plan. This is a call for trouble that you don't want. 



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