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Top 5 YouTube Channels To Help Grow Your Money

Top 5 YouTube Channels To Help Grow Your Money

There are plenty of people who can help you with your financial situation whether it has to with budgeting, making more money or investing. In fact, you can find them all hanging out on YouTube, sharing strategies and stories.

If you are a millennial who are usually the ones struggling with their finances, these top five YouTube channels may help answer your financial questions as they are people who’ve already been there.

1.  WhiteBoard Finance

Whiteboard Finance was launched in October 2017 by Marko Zlatic. He is also hosting this channel and has already gathered nearly 16 million total views. Marko’s channel has more than 298,000 subscribers as he specializes in personal finance, investing in the stock market and real estate, as well as entrepreneurship.

What’s interesting is that his most popular video by far was one titled “How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth).” Over 6 million viewers have watched this video. He also made another video sharing how he made 5 million on a viewer presentation about an auto purchase game. Marko covers just virtually anything related to finances.

2.  Graham Stephan

Among all the YouTubers in the financial world, Graham Stephan’s story is one of the most interesting. He went into the real estate business at the young age of 18 instead of going to college. However, what’s really amazing is that he went to the real estate business during the Financial Meltdown which is one of the worst times in the U.S. He was able to sell a home and more and became a millionaire at the age 26. This experience taught him incredible financial understanding and have already started climbing the ladder of success at such a young age.

3. Ryan Scribner

If you’re looking at investing stocks, you may want to subscribe to Ryan Scribner’s channel. Though he covers a wide range of other topics, his emphasis on building a big stock portfolio with small, regular contributions is apparent in his YouTube channel with over 551,0000 subscribers.

Like many financial YouTubers, his advice also includes how to cut your living expenses, how to earn extra money on the side, travel on the cheap, and retire early and more.

4. Financial Education

This channel is run by someone who goes by the name Jeremy and has 402,000 subscribers with over 33 million views. He turned his life around from having no money at the age of 19 to owning a $200,000 stock portfolio when he reached the age of 24. He shared his success on his YouTube channel and also offers a Private Stock Market Group for viewers via subscription.

Jeremy’s main focus in his channel is investing in the stock market and covers everything related to personal stock holdings, and individual stock performances. The channel started way back in 2016 now contains hundreds of videos keeping regular viewers and more people subscribing.

5. Nate O’Brien

Nate is a bit different compared to many other financial YouTubers. His YouTube channel has a large number of videos focusing on minimalism as well as investing and other financial related topics. You’ll find a quote from Steve Jobs in his About page that says, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. His channel garnered 445,000 subscribers and nearly 22 million views with his approach.

Though you’ll find that his investing videos have high-altitude variety, his productions were incorporated with plenty of personal experience. For instance, his journey on how he made $220,000 on YouTube and his daily routine for maximum productivity was shared on his channel. He also shared how he got his own credit score up to 800. A video showing his minimalist apartment even gathered 1.4 million views which is a great proof that Nate is transparent with what he does and that’s the reason why his YouTube channel became very popular.


You’ll probably find a solution to whatever financial obstacles you’re facing in life by watching these YouTube channels. You can be a regular subscriber of several of these channels as a strategy to deal with whatever money problem comes your way. But since finance is such a broad category, you may want to consider consulting a financial advisor who can give you the right advice based on your unique situation.

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