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What is the Purpose of The W7 Tax Form?

What is the Purpose of The W7 Tax Form?

The W7 form is issued to non-citizen taxpayers to update their information which the IRS will use to verify their identity. The W7 form also required ITIN. Many taxpayers are wondering about the purpose of the W7 tax form. You'll find your answer as you read on.

Understanding the W-7 Tax Form

The W7 form is an information update form from the IRS for individual taxpayers paying taxes in the U.S. It is an alternative used by people without a Social Security Number to remit their tax returns and payments easily and accurately.

The ITIN W7 application is a process that provides a structure for collecting information from an online resource. You are advised to read the ITIN application page to find the process easy to file and mail to the IRS. 

Sending Your Information to the IRS

However, the online ITIN application process is the first step in completing the entire application. After filling out the online W7 form, you must print the PDF version of the completed form and send it to the IRS with an attachment of identity and tax return documents. The regulation requests original copies or certified duplicates of the documents in question.

However, you can fill out the online application whenever you're ready to request for ITIN or renew an existing number. Afterward, you can easily submit the documents.

International Tax Identification Number (ITINs)

In the U.S., taxpayers and family members are given the Social Security Number as a form of identity under the IRS tax laws. The number is for tax filings only. But non-citizens without a job are not qualified to get an SSN. So, an individual taxpayer identification number or ITIN is given to them by filling out Form W7 to the IRS.

Why ITINs are necessary

Generally, only people who work and pay taxes in the U.S. qualify for a Social Security Number. The number is their tax identity. However, non-citizens living and working in the U.S. must file tax returns. 

In addition, the IRS requests I.D. numbers from taxpayers who are considered non-citizen spouses or dependents on the tax return. As a result, the IRS issues the ITIN to close the gap in such a situation. The ITIN is a unique identification number that the IRS can use to track taxpayers in their system.

Applying For ITIN

Keep in mind that the ITIN is only valuable for filing tax returns. The number does not alter a person’s residency or immigration status and does not give someone the right to work in America. In addition, you don't need the ITIN except if you're planning to file a tax return. Here are the steps to apply

  • File a W7 form 

  • The tax return that will carry the number

  • Valid means of I.D. for the taxpayer requesting the number

Where to Submit the Form

Suppose you filled out the form, collected the needed documents, and filed a tax return; you'll need to submit and wait for a response. You can send your forms in four ways;

●     Send by mail

You can mail the W7 with its requested documents to the IRS ITIN Operation to the specific mail box address provided for your state or town

●     For private delivery 

A private delivery service will mail documents to the Operational mail box. For Austin, the address is IRS ITIN Operation Mail Stop 6090-AUSC 3651 S. Interregional, Hwy 35 Austin, TX 78741-0000

●     Apply in person

You will have to visit the Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) office in your local area to apply in person. First, the documents will be verified to prove originality and all documents needed by the issuing agency related to the filer. Then, you'll have to book an appointment through 844-545-5640 or check the designated TACs list on the IRS website.



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