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What To Know About Renting On Airbnb And The Tax Effects

What To Know About Renting On Airbnb And The Tax Effects

There are many people who are exploring the side of renting on Airbnb and the tax effects over it. The tax issues which come along with it needs to be acknowledged by the travelers. You need to know that when you are traveling and renting Airbnb then it is time you know keep the minimized tax income. 

Tips for Renting Airbnb 

There will be time when you will have to completely eliminate it. Here are some of the tips which will help you to avoid renting on Airbnb and the tax effects will not harm you. 

    • The rule of 14- day

Another name for 14-day rule is master’s exception. It refers to the tax laws with complete exemptions. You do not have to pay the income tax under this rule and comply with the conditions as below:

  • Cannot rent property more than 14 days in a year
  • Use the rented property by yourself only 

    • The rooms exceptions 

Even if you are renting out of the room of the house, you will have to follow the rule of 14 day completely. If you have less than 14 days then you will have to pay the income tax without any deductions. 

    • IRS Letter

If you get letter from IRS, there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes, the letter get sent as a notification that you get the reminder. Whereas, if you are living or renting out room or house for 14 days exact then there is nothing to worry. You just have to provide the proof to the IRS that you have followed the rules. 

    • Rental Periods

It is better to go on short vacations because it will help you with the taxes. You do need to check on that aspect so make sure you treat it well. 

    • Documentation 

It is always necessary for to keep the documentation in hard copy. Make a file where you keep all the traveling information documents, renting, receipts and everything related to it. It can work as a proof for you to provide to IRS to get the exemption of income tax for traveling. 

It helps you in keeping the records clear and you are able to manage them as well. If you are not sure then the best option for you is to get the accountant on your side. He/she will be able to record the receipts and prepare the documentation for you immediately. 

Once you get any new update of documentation or receipt, you simply have to forward it to the accountant and your work will be done. This is just another option for you if you find it a hassle to keep it all organized. 

    • Filling out form 

Fill the form of W-9 TIN which gets the rental income deduction. It works favorably for most of the people so make sure to apply through this document. You will be able to find the document on the main official web of IRS. 

IRS is not able to keep the payments with them when you file through the right form. The percentage withholding stays and you are able to access the income of rentals within some time. 

    • The services

You will be able to get the deductions over the services which you provided as a host or received as a guest. The earnings get reflected in the form of 1099 through which you are able to exempt the fees of services. 

    • Occupancy Taxes

There are rentals for short terms which are based over the government. The location of the state matters on occupancy taxes where the hotel tax have certain rules and regulations. The money is submitted to the authorities of taxes directly. 


When renting on Airbnb and the tax effects possibilities, know that you have to explore the solutions. There will be some times when you will have to face the hassles through IRS but if you do it right then there is nothing to worry. Sometimes the reminders from IRS can confuse people which is why if you do not understand then contact the professional. 

Finding the right way for tax exemption will always work out when you have the correct pathway to follow. Make sure to adopt new ways and explore the solutions through the help of expert tax preparer. 

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