Your Secret Weapon for Cook County Property Tax Appeals

Your Secret Weapon for Cook County Property Tax Appeals

Are you, like the other the other million or so homeowners in Cook County feeling the effects of rising property values in our area?  Whether you are a homeowner, or a professional who serves homeowners’ best interests, such as a tax accountant, realtor, investment broker or lawyer, we have the ability to change this and to put that hard-earned money back in your, and your clients’ pockets.  Over time, taxes will inevitably go up, and as our tax assessed property values rise, relief is not in our future unless we actively, systematically make it happen ourselves.

As a long-standing accounting and tax firm that has served the northwest suburbs for 40 years, Best Financial Group understands this challenge and wants to help.  That’s why we are offering a unique new service to our clients – an offer that we would like to extend to you.

As consistent, timely appeals seem to be the most effective way to keep our assessed values from rising to absurd levels, we’re finding most of our clients just don’t have the time or will to manage the appeal process.  For them, the process can be arduous, frustrating and time consuming.  Given other priorities, they resign to the systematic increases, without exercising their rights to appeal.  This is where we come in.

We’ve invested time and resources into our “Residential Property Comparison Software” that simplifies this process, and helps us quickly determine if it’s worth the time to appeal in the first place.  As you’re probably aware, the tax appeal process can include three steps or phases.  The first step is to apply to the Cook County Assessor’s office.  If the desired result is not obtained during this first phase, then the next step is to appeal to the Board of Review.  If this step is also unrewarded, then the last and final phase includes an appeal to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).  It would be nice if all of the appeal dates were consistent, however, unfortunately, each township’s appeal dates vary, typically with a 30-day window for each, and the windows are consecutive per phase of appeal.  In other words, there are required compliance windows following each appeal, in order to proceed to the next.  This contributes to the cumbersome nature of the process, and explains why many people do not go to the effort to proceed through all three steps.

Given the success rate when the process is followed through to the end, experts agree that the annual appeal process is worth the monitoring fee.  It can be an invaluable source of savings, particularly over time, as tax rates and property values increase. This is why, whether you are a homeowner who believes in exercising your rights to preserve your income and property benefits, or whether you’re a professional who serves homeowners’ best interests, we can make an impact through our partnerships.  We believe it is so important to our Cook County (and now, Lake and DuPage county) residents, that we offer financial benefits to professionals who partner with us in this important mission.

Aside from diligent follow-through during the entire three phase process, one of the best benefits to you and your clients is that we make this process simple.  To partner with us, you simply submit the address of interest.  We’ll check our “Residential Property Comparison Software” to see if we identify an estimated savings for you or your client.  If we determine the result will not substantiate the cost, we will not suggest an appeal.  Your time is valuable and we want to make it simple and fruitful to serve our mutual clients’ needs.  If it’s worth their time, they will be thankful to you for sharing your knowledge and resource. If it’s not worth their time to appeal, they’ll be thankful to not have to wonder if they made a mistake not investing their time or energy, or hiring us to handle the details. Either way, it is a win-win for you and your clients.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely advised, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  The majority of homeowners overlook this source of savings, giving away their hard-earned money merely by not knowing this process, or by not knowing about our service that simplifies it.  We have invested our time to master this process, which has gained us an incredible 93% success rate in reducing our clients’ taxes.   To learn how we can help you and your clients through our partnership benefits, please visit us at, or you’re welcome to call 847-297-6264, or email  We look forward to making an impact in our community and our clients’ lives, together!

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