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We offer a wide range of services including accounting, tax planning and preparation, financial reporting, and business consulting. We have expertise in most industries, from retail and construction, to hospitality, health and non-profit organizations.

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Five Tips to Maximize Your Cyber Security

For many small business owners, cybersecurity can at times seem a bit overwhelming. After all, your resources may be significantly less than other companies, while the types of risks...

Four Accounting Services to Benefit Your Small Business

New businesses require plenty of administrative and accounting setup during their startup phase. Yet throughout their day-to-day operations, a small business owner will still need...

How to Pick an Accounting Method

While there are many decisions that you have to make when starting your new business, one of the most critical is the accounting method that you will use in your business. Once you...

How Does Sales Tax Apply to the Construction Industry

If you are running a small construction or handyman business, it may seem that you are not going to need to worry about collecting sales tax. This is because your business provides...

Choosing the Right Career Could Save On Student Loans

We have all heard the horror stories about student loans. We are told for years that we should go to college in order to learn the skills necessary to get out into the workforce and...

Childcare Deductions

Having children can get expensive. While they can bring you a lot of memories and laughs and good times, they are still going to do a number on your budget each month. Luckily, there...

Benefits of Getting Help With Your Tax Returns

Working on your tax return by yourself can be a confusing process. You want to make sure that you are getting all of the information in correctly, but often you could be missing out...

Avoiding a Tax Audit

A tax audit is something that most individuals and businesses want to avoid. While there are many cases where the IRS is just checking up on something and you simply need to provide...

What You Need to Know About the Child Tax Credit

Children are often a blessing to the family, but they also can bring the additional benefit of reducing the family’s tax liability. However, it is important to understand what makes...

3 Keys to the Affordable Care Act

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been phased in, there have been many changes for both individual taxpayers and their employers. The provisions have resulted in specific tax credits...

4 Areas with Financial and Tax Benefits

When it comes to financial planning, there are times when it can seem at odds with your tax planning efforts. Yet the reality is that good tax planning and financial planning can go...

What You Need to Know to Get a Filing Extension for Your Business

For many small business owners, you not only have to file your own tax return, but you also have to file the tax return for your business as well. Working with your tax professional...

8 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is a big deal. You are the one who will be in charge of all the things that go on from day to day and you get to be the boss. Rather than working for another...

5 Benefits of Making Income with Rentals

When it comes to giving up your regular 9 to 5 job and going out on your own with a new business, it can be a scary time. You may want to just sit put and deal with that horrible boss...

Taking Care of Your Business Expenses

Finding the right deductions that can save you a ton of money during tax season is a great goal to have as a business owner. You don’t want to come up with a big amount at the end...

The Top Deductions and Credits You May Be Missing this Tax Season

When it comes to tax time, you will want to make sure that you are finding ways to limit your tax bill as much as possible. No one wants to come to the end of the year and owe a ton...

Divorce and Your Taxes

When you are going through a divorce, things can get messy. You and your ex-spouse may not be getting along and there is a lot of fighting that can occur. While this is a trying time,...

Reasons to Retire Early

You have heard for years that it is always better to retire later in life. The longer you wait, the more money you can save and have grow in your portfolio. You can get a higher social...

Getting Your Small Business Taxes Done with the 1099-MISC Forms.

Running a business is a great way to work on your own and have some control over the things you do and your own income. Many people dream about getting to own their business at some...

Everything You Need to Know About Your Small Business Taxes

As a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. You want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your income, but once tax season rolls around, every business...

Guide to Eliminating Tax Debt

While not every tax return ends with a refund, there are more than a few times where there is a debt to the IRS. But if the bill has grown, or you have debt from several years, it...

Understanding the Adoption Tax Credit

For many individuals who have decided to expand their families through adoption, there are many benefits. Yet the cost of the entire adoption process can be rather burdensome on a...

Understanding Social Security: The Options of mySocialSecurity

For many individuals, understanding what the Social Security Administration offers can be complicated. Yet, the office has recently begun the process of making more information available...

Who is My Employee? Understanding the Tax Liabilities of Household Help

When it comes to caring for routine tasks around the home, many individuals use hired help. However, by doing so, they may have also become an employer. For many taxpayers, household...

Tax on Savings Bonds

When choosing an investment, many individuals look to savings bonds. While the interest rate might not necessarily match the rate of return on certain stocks, these bonds are typically...

Itemized Tax Deductions

As tax filing time approaches, many of us find ourselves in the position of attempting to determine which deductions are appropriate to take for our personal financial situation. By...

Federal Tax Form 1040

Federal Tax Form 1040 Every year, taxpayers file their tax returns to the IRS. In order to understand the various aspects of this form and the information you need to complete...

Business Tax Deductions

For small business owners, tax time can be a process of producing documentation for a variety of deductions, credits and earned income. In addition, one has to make sure that all information...

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