Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC Recommendations

Submitted by Norma And Robert Slavin on 12/29/2015

The place where reliability and peace of mind meet

Communication Skills

We have had to prepare our taxes for decades because when we relied on "established" tax professionals we ended up receiving letters from the state explaining tax preparation errors. We have been using the services of Roadmap Financial Consulting for a few years and from the interviewing and document gathering processes one can tell they have your best interest in mind. We highly recommend this business.

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Only ONE Way to Go - Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC

Two years ago the preparation fee was what attracted us to Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC to do our income taxes. However, when we arrived there, we were immediately impressed with the attractive location and equally with the staff and Tax Professionals. Our initial meeting involved an overview of their services but also our needs, which created an open and comfortable communication for us. When we added their organized system, the timely scheduling, the follow-up meetings and feedback, along with detailed explanations of the preparations, the cost became irrelevant. The financial counseling and advice we received from Roadmap changed our life and has allowed us to live more comfortable and stress-free as retirees!! We highly recommend Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC.

Submitted by Earl & Zona Ridout on 01/05/2016


We have been clients of Roadmap Financial Consulting for several years.
We are very pleased with the professional services Glenn Mosseller and his staff have provided and will continue as clients.

Submitted by Ralph Edwards on 01/02/2016

Great to deal with

No high pressure sales, straight forward recommendations and a wealth (pun intended) of information to make the right decisions. Since we have been going here, my wife and I feel we are better informed about our finances and taxes.

Submitted by Louis Trainer on 12/30/2015

Excellent and Reasonable Service

I've used RoadMap for tax preparation services for several years and have found them to be fast and efficient. Courteous and responsive at a very reasonable price.

I would highly recommend this firm.

Submitted by Sharon M Saunders on 12/30/2015

Professional and Very Reasonable

I switched to Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC last year after the CPA I had been using for my tax preparation for the past 30 years retired. What made me most happy was the savings I realized from Roadmap and the very professional treatment I received. I wholeheartedly recommend Roadmap!

Submitted by on 12/29/2015

Great Tax Sevice

Glenn and his team of professionals do a great job of both preparing and explaining the completed tax returns to their clients. I highly recommend this firm to anyone interested in having accurate and timely work done regarding their income tax preparation. Glenn is very thorough and explains the tax returns so that even a novice can understand,

Submitted by Howell Nelson on 12/29/2015


I had a hard time finding someone to do my taxes. I just was not comfortable with being put into that zone of, you are a name and a number, charged to much and then shown the door. Roadmap does for me just what I want and what I need. How much more could I ask for? ( Well, of course there is always ice cream.) For me and my friends, we go to Roadmap.

Submitted by Linda Russell on 12/29/2015

Retired Account Executive

Highly recommended for financial services.

Submitted by on 12/29/2015

Very thorough and professional

As a new client, my prior tax return was reviewed and an oversight brought to my attention. The previous year was re-filed, with a nice refund due me that had been overlooked the prior year. I was very pleased by the thoroughness and the research that was done to verify that this was a legitimate deduction due me. I am always given a full explanation and all questions answered to my satisfaction.

Submitted by Maryanne on 12/29/2015

First Class Service

I have been a client of Roadmap Financial Consulting for three years and have used their professional tax preparation service for all of my tax preparation requirements. They provide First Class Service that I have been completely satisfied with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional financial advice and tax preparation help.

Submitted by Banyan Partners Llc on 12/28/2015