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Submitted by B. Barker on Wednesday, Mar 07, 2018

Painless tax preparation

Rebecca is professional, answers all questions and completes the return in a timely manner.

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Submitted by NARS on Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018


She is very detailed and quick. I would recommend her for your business and personal tax preparation.

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  • Communication Skills

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R Pace Tax Service, LLC Member Articles

Avert A Crisis! Make a Plan!

I'll be leading a workshop at UC's OLLI program on February 9. This workshop will help you make it easier, for family or friends to help you, whether you’re just away...

1099s and W-2s are due today!

Today is the deadline for filing the W-2, W-3 and certain 1099-MISC forms. It's earlier now, to help combat identity theft tax fraud. ...

2018 Changes Coming for Alimony / Spousal Support

 For divorces finalized after Dec 31, 2017, alimony will no longer be deductible by the payer and will no longer be taxable to the recipient.  Alimony for divorces finalized...

Last Call for 2016 Tax Returns

The last day to file your extended personal income tax return is October 16!  If you owe tax, pay as much as possible to minimize interest and penalties.  BTW, if you live...

Creative IRA investments

Thinking about taking control of your IRA to invest in something different?  Be very cautious.  IRAs cannot invest in some types of investments.  Loans and Unrelated...

Posted by R Pace Tax Service, LLC on 09/19/2017

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Are you thinking about making a large gift to the children?

Have you heard about the gift tax exclusion?  Most people have heard that there’s no need to file a gift tax return for gifts totaling less than $14,000.  But that’s...

Home Caregivers and Your Taxes

Do you have a household caregiver in your home?  Whether for an elderly family member or a child, this caregiver might be an employee.  You are responsible for payroll taxes...

Tax refund? or Tax Bill?

Did you get a nice tax refund ?  Or did you owe the IRS ? While some people like to use their tax withholding as a savings tool, it’s usually wiser to only have as much...

Don't forget to make your IRA contribution

IRA Contributions must be made by the due date of your tax return. Your total contribution to a traditional and Roth IRA combined generally cannot exceed $5,500 ($6,500 if you are...

Posted by R Pace Tax Service, LLC on 04/13/2017

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Tax Day is Coming!

 An extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.  Don't let IRS penalties and interest pile up.  First, pay as much as you can, online, by check,...

Foreign Account Reports Due April 15

Do you have a foreign bank account or investment?  You may be required to report this twice.  Report it once on Form 8938, with your personal tax return, and again on the...

Debt forgiven? You may have taxable income.

Have you had a dispute with a contractor or service?  If your debt is cancelled, you may have cancellation of debt income and receive a 1099 from the business.  In many cases,...

Will the loss of a loved one impact your own tax return?

Was there a death in your family?  Have you received some money from the estate?  Don’t be in a hurry to file your personal tax return.  Ask the estate representative...

Crowdfunding leads to tax-time confusion

Crowdfunding raises money for many different purposes—personal, business, and charitable.  The purpose determines how these are treated for tax purposes.   Sometimes...

Don't Miss the Ohio Business Owners Deduction

Ohio Business Owners, are you taking advantage of the Ohio Business Income Deduction?  This deduction has been available since 2013, but we find that many business owners still...

Winning Big with Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports.  Is it a hobby, gambling, or a business?  It depends.  Keep good records of the time and money invested.  The tax treatment differs, depending on...

Health Savings Accounts. Possibly your best tax shelter.

Health Savings Accounts are probably your best tax savings strategies.  If you have qualifying, HDHP health insurance, you can deduct your contribution, of up to $3,350 (family...

Posted by R Pace Tax Service, LLC on 03/01/2017

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Charitable Deductions? Follow the rules

You don’t get a free ride with charitable contributions.  In order to take a tax deduction for any gift you must have something in writing from the organization showing...

Tax Return Due Dates Have Changed

Business Owners Alert!  Tax return due dates have changed.  Calendar-year Partnership and S-Corporation returns are now due March 15.  The idea is to encourage businesses...

Tax Credits need additional documentation

If you want to claim the Child Tax Credit or the American Opportunity Credit (a tuition tax credit), you’ll need to provide additional documentation to your tax preparer.  A...

Have your driver's license handy, if you're expecting a tax refund.

Expect something new, when preparing your tax return this year.  Ohio and many other states are requiring you to provide your driver’s license number.  This is intended...

FAFSA: instructions for tax information have changed

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid instructions have changed.  In the past, we had to rush tax preparation to meet the FAFSA deadline of February 15.  Beginning...

Hoping for a fast tax refund?

If you are filing a tax return claiming the Additional Child Tax Credit, or the Earned Income Credit your refund may be delayed.  These returns will not be processed until February...

Posted by R Pace Tax Service, LLC on 01/24/2017

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Employers can Reimburse Insurance Premiums

Small Business Employers can once again reimburse employees for health insurance premiums paid on their individual and family health insurance policies.  Sounds like a great idea,...

New Standard Mileage Rates

The standard mileage rate of business travel in 2017 has gone down to 53.5 cents per mile. The 2017 mileage deduction for medical travel is 19 cents per mile, and for charitable travel...

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