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KLSM CPA Firm provides professional tax and accounting solutions for small businesses and individuals. We take a proactive approach by not only focusing on compliance but we also recommend tax saving strategies to legally reduce your tax liability. Our goal is to educate the taxpayer and build meaningful relationships as their trusted tax professional.

We enjoy providing timely and professional tax and accounting solutions so that business owners can focus on what's important; running their business and achieving their goals. We add value to our clients by listening first and then tailoring our services to the needs of the client. 

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It's pretty easy to feel helpless regarding an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit or threat letters and accusations based on outstanding tax obligations. What is your best option...

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What Are Medicare Savings Programs?If your family's income and resources fall below certain levels, you may be eligible for one of five federally funded programs to help pay for...

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In paying off student loans, one can use many approaches. While a borrower might consider a repayment plan hinged on income to take care of their monthly bill, another might consider...

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Alimony, also known as spousal maintenance or support, is the payment that one partner makes to the other after divorce. The idea is to help low-earning individuals take care of expenses...

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These are probably two words you want to see in the same sentence: Bankruptcy and tax returns. Some people panic at the idea of filing tax returns for bankruptcy, but it doesn’t...

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Starting a business in the United States as a foreigner can be a tad difficult, but the country makes it very easy to register your business and start a business. Learning English...

Facts About Legalized Wills

There are tax laws regarding everything that has to do with an individual, even in death, and this is where Inheritance Tax applies. It focuses on the trust and tax process about the...

Examining the Pros and Cons of Annuity

For people worried about retirement payment, it is essential to examine the pros and cons of an annuity.An annuity is a type of insurance that gives payment. There is a payment that...

Understanding the Basics of Dividends

While investing in stocks has proven to be the best and easiest way for the average investor to accumulate wealth over the long term, holding stocks with dividend payouts is often...

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly: Red Flags, Prevention & Reporting

Financial abuse of the elderly population has increased, with financial institutions claiming to have quadrupled the number of such incidents between 2013 and 2017, according to the...

Pet Related Tax Write-offs to Consider

Many pet owners consider their domesticated part as part of the family.Uncle Sam, however, disagrees with this claim, which explains why you cannot claim your beloved cat, dog, hamster...

What Are The Flaws of Wealth Taxes?

A wealth tax, unlike income tax, is a tax paid annually on assets including property, real estate, cash in banks, investments, business interests, and whatever you have that is of...

How to Get Your Tax Transcript

A tax transcript summarizes the information on your taxes that supplies past data on your taxes. Tax transcripts exist in five types, and they contain various line items from your...

Important Things Amazon Sellers Need to Know About Filing Taxes

You might be a professional seller on Amazon, or you disposed of a couple of personal items, it is essential to know how to report such earnings to Uncle Sam when it's tax season. This...

Claiming Charitable Donations on Your Tax Return

According to Uncle Sam, charitable contributions are donations or gifts to qualified organizations. However, some rules guide these donations before one can claim charitable donations. Charitable...

Why You Should Work with a Qualified CPA for Your Business Taxes

Tax time is never fun for both businesses and individuals. Filing taxes includes many intricacies like taking care of 1099 for contractors, estimating your tax returns, and taking...

Understanding the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles & Rules

Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) refers to a set of rules established to help publicly traded firms establish their financial statement. The rules serve as the foundation...

Warning Signs of Identity Theft to Look Out For

One of the most commonly traded commodities on the dark web is personal information. People use it for identity theft and various criminal acts. Criminals do not mind going to untold...

Thrift Savings Plan

Thrift savings plans are accounts mostly opened by federal employees; it is a contribution that involves consistency and helps you to choose the right fund that helps you to build...

Essential Keys to Successful Debt Consolidation

There are times people are suddenly faced with a financial crisis. In such cases, the primary instinct might be to cut spending and other expenses. While such tactics might help,...

What Is a 457 (b) Plan?

A 457(b) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings account with tax benefits. With this plan, you contribute pre-tax money to your salary, and that money will not be taxed until...

How Are Crypto Loans Taxed?

Getting a fiat loan on your appreciated crypto is a great way to withdraw money without paying capital gains tax. This article will analyze several transactions associated with a cryptocurrency...

A Threat From The IRS to Garnish My Wages: What to Do

For people with tax debts, it is possible that Uncle Sam will garnish some part of the wages in a process known as a continuous levy. This happens when someone does not respond to...

Essential Tax Tips for Money Generating Hobbies

Many people have hobbies like playing the piano or bead making simply for fun and do not expect any special monetary compensation from it.   Some hobbies might require a couple...

Energy Tax Credits Small Businesses Should be Aware of

Energy tax credits for businesses are classified as a dollar to dollar deduction on a commercial organization's energy bills. It is usually done at the federal and state level....

When Does It Make Sense to Contribute to a Roth 401(k)?

Many people decide to have financial freedom during retirement. It might also be a good idea to take part in the 401(k) plan sponsored by the employer. This is true when you consider...

What Is The Heroes Act?

The HEART (Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act 2008) Acts provides tax and retirement benefits for service members who are disabled while on active service for more than...

Understanding Installment Sales Taxation

When there is an installment sale for the purpose of tax, the payment for the property sale spans more than one tax year. This was one of congress's actions, which allows taxpayers...

Tax Credits vs. Tax Deductions

There are several ways to reduce the tax burden. However, the two most popular are probably tax credits and tax deductions. While they may look the same, they are two very different...

Understanding Per Diem and the Impact of Taxation

People traveling regularly for business will probably incur costs such as lodging, meal, and other miscellaneous expenses, which brings in per diem payments. This is the reimbursement...

What You Need to Know About Tax Liens and Levies

Failure to pay federal income tax can have serious repercussions. Not only will the IRS likely charge you fines and interest on the unpaid balance, but the IRS may also enforce collection...

Recent Updates On Coronavirus Tax Relief

The government recently agreed on the details of a $900 billion coronavirus bill attached to a $ 1.4 billion omnibus that will fund the government for fiscal 2021. Congress also voted...

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