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Ronnie L. Darden, CPA is a Full Service Houston , Texas based CPA Firm that can assistant you with your accounting (QuickBooks) and tax needs from Individual and Business tax preparation to solving your IRS problems.  Ronnie stays current on tax issues and is available to serve your needs all year around.  We are not a seasonal tax preparation firm that is not available when you need them.  We believe in being available for our clients, whenever our clients need us.  We also work by appointment only, so that we can provide a personalized service and be flexible to our clients schedule.  Call Ronnie L. Darden, CPA at 281-467-9454 to embark upon a completely new accounting and tax preparation experience!




Understanding The Gain Exclusion Tax Breaks On Home Sales

The home sale gain exclusion is one of the most beneficial tax breaks available to homeowners. Anytime you put your home on the market for sale; you could potentially benefit from...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 06/24/2017

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Rental Properties: What It Means For Your Taxes

The way income is taxed varies immensely based on how that money is earned and what (if any) taxes have already been taken out before it reaches the recipient's hands. Rental income...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 06/21/2017

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4 Red Flags That Could Trigger An IRS Audit

Americans dread an IRS audit because individuals charged with tax fraud charges could be fined up to $250,000 ($500,000 for corporations), end up in jail for up to five years, or...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 06/14/2017

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Exposing Common Myths Of The Education Tax Credits

There's no question that there are some really high quality tax credits based on tuition and other education deductions. While many people feel like they have a solid grasp on these...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 06/07/2017

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Understanding The Concept Of The US Tax Burden

The tax burden of a particular country is determined by the combination of distinct market forces and the laws that govern that country. In the US, the lawmakers and the IRS define...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 05/17/2017

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How To Use Form 1040 And Still Take Advantage Of Special Tax Deductions

Most taxpayers believe that if they want to claim any deductions but the standard ones, they must file an itemized tax return. The truth is there are a series of deductions that may...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 05/10/2017

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Deducting Professional And Legal Fees For Business

Fees paid to attorneys, accountants, and other independent professionals or contractors can be deducted as "necessary and ordinary" business expenses. This comprises system analysts,...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 05/09/2017

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Retirement Basics: Understanding The Basics

One of the most difficult processes for those who are new to retirement is the abrupt change of switching from accumulating funds to withdrawaling them. It is easy to see why this...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 04/26/2017

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How An Automatic Tax Filing Extension Helps You Postpone Your Tax Obligations

The deadline for filing tax returns often catches many taxpayers by surprise. Fortunately, the IRS allows you to request for a tax filing extension. For you to get an extension,...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 04/19/2017

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Checking For Unclaimed Tax Refunds

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) limits the time available to claim a tax refund with regard to tax overpayment. The claim should be filed within 36 months starting from the date...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 04/11/2017

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3 Ways To Make Sense Of Educational Write Offs

You think about who is going to do the dishes after breakfast on Monday morning and what dish to make for that Saturday dinner party with the neighbors. You think about how you are...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 04/05/2017

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Taking Advantage Of Fast Track Settlements To Resolve Disputes

For most taxpayers, the tax code is incredibly complex. If you have a business and have gone through an IRS audit, you probably wonder how to proceed. Especially when an adjustment...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 03/29/2017

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Don't Miss Out On Business-Use Vehicle Deductions

With tax season upon us, it is important to consider potential write offs and deductions that you may be eligible to claim this year. Additionally, if you have already filed but your...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 03/22/2017

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Small Business Tax Deductions – The More Common Ones

If you're looking to save money with your small business, there are quite a few tax deductions that you can benefit from. However, the ways you can save some cash is not as apparent...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 03/15/2017

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3 Tax Changes That Might Spell Bad News For Your Return

Audits, errors and delays...oh my. Nothing strikes heart in the fear of tax payers quite like these three aforementioned tax time uh-oh's. Unfortunately, the IRS is back (and more...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 03/08/2017

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A Tale Of 5 Pities: 5 Tax Scams The IRS Wants You To Look Out For

The IRS recently released a list of tax scams that we should all be watchful of while preparing our taxes. It is a pity that we have to be careful at all, but the truth is that we...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 03/01/2017

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The Ins And Outs Of Deducting Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are one deduction that can make a significant impact on the amount you owe the IRS. Itemized deductions such as medical expenses are used by many taxpayers in lieu...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 02/22/2017

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Four Easy Ways A Tax Professional Can Help You Settle Your Tax Debts

Filing taxes can be a source of great stress for many Americans. This is as owing (or being perceived as owing) the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) can be viewed as tax avoidance or...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 02/15/2017

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Outsource Your Bookkeeping And Enjoy These Benefits

Bookkeeping is probably one of those few critical business functions that do not directly correlate to sales and profits. Most business owners know how to grow and develop their business,...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 02/08/2017

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Tax accountants and tax preparers help you in income tax filing and preparing for the tax forms. The complications become more confusing for those taxpayers who rush to submit their...

Posted by RONNIE@RLDARDENCPA.COM on 08/03/2016

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