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Tired of researching tax laws and IRS rules to complete your tax return? I know the laws/rules and will complete and file your return.

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  • 1979
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  • 19516532794
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  • 13038 Pavillion Court
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  • CTEC Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP)
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    Public Notary
    Immigration Forms Specialist

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About Larry Hurt

Over 49 years preparing taxes for individuals and small businesses, able to assist individuals in the cryptocurrency business with their tax preparation(s), 16 years as a Notary, and 8 years as a Signing Agent.

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Budgeting, Business Planning, Microsoft Word, and Coaching. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master's Degree focused in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General from Golden Gate University.

I also severed 23 years in the US Air Force. For 22 years as an additional duty, I severed as the Unit Non-Commission Officer Tax Representative. My job was to assist military and civilian personnel assigned to the Base, helping or completing their Tax returns and answer tax questions. During tax season, I spent 4 hours on Saturday at the Base Legal Office assisting people with their tax returns. After retiring in 1991, I continued doing taxes and opened my own business.

My tax specialties are Individuals, Small Businesses, S Corporations, Nonprofit Organizations, Tax Planning, Uber, Lyft and CryptoCurrency. Thank you!

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Submitted by Tricia on Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Best tax preparer

I would recommend Larry to anyone. He is very knowledgeable on what he does, he has lots of experience. He is very kind and i wouldn't go to anyone else. He's prepared my taxes for many years now. I am very satisfied with his service. Thank you, Larry.

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Larry Hurt Member Articles

Understanding Qualified vs. Non-qualified Dividends

It is critical to understand these dividends as your approach will significantly affect your taxes, and ultimately the ROI, return of your investment. The ultimate goal of all investors...

Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return (Form 2290)

The heavy highway vehicle use tax return (HVUT) is an annual tax levied on public vehicles on highways. For these vehicles, the taxable gross weight must be equal to or more than 55,000...

What is the difference between Healthcare Proxy versus DNR Order?

During emergencies, paramedics are often being called to a home where most people expect extraordinary procedures utilized at this time of crises. But this may not always apply in...

When to Change the Withholding Tax

In the United States tax system, individuals can withhold tax payments until April 15 of the following calendar year or use the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) approach, in which taxes are...

Tax Tips for Lyft and Uber Drivers: Major Things to Know in 2020

With precautions and careful consideration during the Coronavirus Pandemic, many people all over the country are still turning to ridesharing to bring in extra income with apps like...

Claiming Casualty and Theft Losses on Your Tax Return

No one hopes for property damage, but when it comes, there are tax deductions that take care of it. Cases of a fire accident, natural disaster, etc. have deductions. Itemizing gives...

The Schedule K-1: What entrepreneurs need to know.

The Schedule K-1 can be tied to different tax returns, depending on how the business was created. The K-1 tax form varies slightly depending on whether the ownership structure is a...

What Seniors Should Know about TCJA Tax Changes

Growing old is a price we all have to pay. We might prefer to be young forever, but we don't have much say about that. However, the bright side is that being an elder comes with...

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

While this is a scary option for many people, there comes to a point where the best move is to file for bankruptcy. It is nice to know that when you have a financial crisis, you have...

Reasons Why You Should Keep Tax Records for More than 3 Years

In the near future, just in case you will get audited or sued, you won’t have to worry if you kept in track with your financial statements. Aside from it being in handy, good...

Five Rules All Lawyers and Clients Should Know about Taxes on Legal Settlements

It is common for lawyers and clients to always settle disputes. This usually involves an exchange of money. And, almost any time when money changes hand, it usually involves tax, which...

Four Things to Keep in Mind when using an IRA for Tuition

A survey in 2015 by Sallie Mae revealed that more than 6% of parents took from their retirement account – 401(k) or IRA to pay college fees. Over the years, as the cost of tuition...

Pros and Cons of Getting a Big Tax Refund

You are expecting to receive a federal tax refund! It's like finding a forgotten hundred dollar bill in your winter coat pocket, but instead of just a hundred dollar bill, a refund...

What all Employers Should Know about California Assembly Bill AB5

The California Assembly Bill 5 is a law that which restricts people that can be classified as independent contractors. It came into effect in January and can affect your business in...

How to Retire Without a Mortgage

Homeownership has always been a trait of the American dream. Traditionally, owning a house has been a representation of financial stability and reliable retirement savings. For many,...

What Happens If You Get Caught Lying on your Income Tax?

Lying about income tax means that you are committing tax fraud, which is a federal crime. The IRS has severe penalties so that perpetrators will pay a very high price. Prison is a...

How to Pay Your Tax Bill in 2020

Tax Day 2020 is Wednesday, April 15 and before you even know it, it’s already here. We all know that one of the most stressful days for most Americans is tax time and that’s...

New Kiddie Tax Rules: Whats it all About

On Dec. 20, President Trump signed into law the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, or the Secure Act. The new law is mainly intended to expand opportunities...

Tax Extensions: What Are Tax Extensions, and how does it Work?

The IRS allows individuals, businesses, and properties to file an income tax return after the deadline by obtaining an extension. The correct presentation of an extension means that...

Asset Protection Strategies to Protect Your Financial Wealth

Lawsuits are not brought against those who have few resources; they are filed against those who have "deep pockets." If you have substantial assets or unexpected income from...

Penalties for Non-Reporting of IRS income

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects that all income be reported on a tax return and, if not, can result in fines and sometimes penalties. However, most fines can be suspended...

C Corp to an LLC: Heres How to Convert

The details on how to turn your small business from a C Corp to an LLC vary depending on several factors. While we may not be able to see all of the possible scenarios, here are some...

New Retirement Tax Laws – How it might help you

Congress ended in 2019 with a single budget. This fact in itself is a rare result for the representative bodies dissipated and always distracted from this country. Such documents,...

Capital Gains Tax Rates in 2020: A Complete Guide

Each investor wants their investments to increase in value. But when you sell an attractive investment, you can't keep all of your income. Instead, the IRS steps in with capital...

W 7 Tax Form: What is the Purpose?

The W7 tax form was introduced solely to issue out an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN.) The Internal Revenue Service issues the ITIN number to help file taxes. Individuals...

Seven Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Giving Tuesday Tax Deduction

Giving Tuesday was developed as a strategy to checkmate the excessive spending and shopping of other holidays like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. The goal is to reduce excessive consumption...

Cash Advance Alternative that Will Save You Some Money

A credit cash advance is a cash loan issued from the credit card company. The cash advance will appear like a transaction on your account statement, which will attract interest until...

EITC Letters and Notices: How to Avoid Errors

Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC is a refundable credit targeted at low-income earners. Over the years, many people have qualified for EITC due to the increasing economic downturn...

How the S&P 500 works

The S & P 500 is a stock index that tracks the stocks of 500 large-cap US companies. It represents the performance of the stock market by reporting the risks and returns of large...

Substitute Payment in Lieu of Dividends

The payment in lieu of dividends subject occurs in connection with the short sale of stocks. Short-term selling is a business strategy of selling the shares that an operator does not...

Fundamental Rules Of Rollovers And Early Distributions

There is a fundamental rule of a rollover, also known as a transfer of holdings from one tax insurance plan to another, without incurring income tax or penalty. It is officially known...

Working In Gig Economy, Know Your Tax Breaks

In a perfect world, we earn all our income by doing something we love. Whether it's raising puppies, kites, or training young athletes, nothing beats receiving a paycheck to do...

In The Middle Of A Lawsuit Settlement? Heres How They're Taxed.

After months or probably years, of courtroom and lawyers, you finally settled their complaint. The money you deserve will eventually come. But the party has not started yet, because...

Let’s Get To Know IRS Letter 4310C

The subject matter of this letter: Letter 4310C seeks to warn you that you are the victim of an attempted impersonation wherein the felon has used your identity as well as your social...

Preparing Financially For A Recession

The stock market nowadays is crazy - and taking speculators on a financial roller coaster. Imagine a 900 points dip in a day,  and up 250 another day, rinse and repeat! In case...

New Sales Tax Rules Are Active

Peradventure you made a purchase online recently, you may have seen something else: sales tax. Changes in compliance laws for remote vendors and market makers in over twelve states...

How To Cash Out Of Your Home Tax-Free

What is cash withdrawal refinancing?Let's talk about the basics of the mortgage. There are two main types of mortgage refinance available to homeowners.There are the standard...

How Do Independent Contractor Fees Work?

Taxes on self-employed entrepreneurs include federal income tax, self-employment tax, local taxes, and state taxes. Independent and independent contractors report taxes on Form 1040...

Recently Separated From Your Spouse or Divorced? Basic Tax Rules To Keep In Mind

The tax period can cause more headaches in some years than others. If you recently separated from your spouse or divorced, you have many problems that you have never encountered, and...

Payroll Tax Cuts: Yes or No?

President Donald Trump has been considering further cuts to payroll taxes to allow American workers to get higher wages at home. But such an approach could have negative consequences...

All that You Need To Know About Self-Employment Tax

While numerous employees are wrapping up recording W-2s or 1099 forms for taxes, some may end up in a one of a kind circumstance - that is, being independently employed. Regardless...

IRS Form 5071C and The New Identity Verification Process

Merely thinking about the IRS is sufficient to give the vast majority, in any event, a trace of heartburn, yet consider the possibility that the IRS connects and taps you on the shoulder...

Are You Ready For Sales Tax Holidays?

Are you prepared for back to a school shopping spree? As revealed by the National Retail Federation's yearly survey directed by Prosper Insights and Analytics, aggregate spending...

What's going on with GILTI?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provided noteworthy improvements to the way U.S. multinationals' foreign benefits are taxed. This new meaning of income is intended to demoralize organizations...

How to Prepare Your Bitcoin Tax Filing

Every bitcoin transaction either bought, sold, or traded comes with tax consequences.The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has ordered the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange deliver all...

Inspirational and Funny Ways to Teach Kids About Money

1. CalculatorHand them a calculator while out for shopping. It will enable them to key in the item value and give you current information on the number of things selected. Make comments...

The New U.S. Tax Plan and the Effect on Health Care

The new Republican tax bill is complicated, but what it will mean for health in the United States is simple. It will denote less health insurance for persons; less health coverage...

How to Successfully Manage Your 401(k)

1. Contribute at least 15%TRowe Price, Fidelity, and Vanguard agree that you need to add around 15% to your 401(k) plan account every year you work. That is not done by any of you,...

Five ways you can get paid as a family caregiver

The United State has about 40 million people who are either full or part-time caregivers for a family member.  Unfortunately, most of these caregivers have to reduce their work...

Best Guide on Handling IRS Audit

Somewhat more than one million taxpayers confronted an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit of their tax return in 2017, yet that represented under 1%of all profits. If you do...

Applying For Tax Refund to Next Years Estimated Taxes

A Tax Refund occurs when you get a rebate as a result of paying excess taxes than the tax liability owed by you. That is, you will get a refund when the Tax authorities discover that...

5 Essential Ways to Pay Off Debt While Self-Employed

There is a lot of advantages to being self- employed. Working for yourself implies you have the opportunity to work the hours you desire, doing what you want, and when you need. Not...

IRS Private Delivery Services You Can Use When Filing For Taxes

The U.S Postal Service has been used by millions of taxpayers when filing and paying for their taxes every year. But what if you prefer to use another delivery service to file your...

Understanding Nominee Dividends

Cash dividends that are paid to someone on behalf of the holder of record are called Nominee dividends. In order to report the nominee income on their own return, the recipient of...

New Student Loan Repayment Program: Are you eligible?

In March 2018, the US Congress passed a bill and was signed by President Trump into law called the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. It allocated $350 million for the Department...

Tax Resolution: Minimize Large Tax Debt

Although taxpayers can still represent themselves before the IRS, many people rely on professional tax assistance (specializing in IRS fees, CPA and certified tax resolution firms)...

Less Back on Your 2018 Refud

This year tax returns are averaging about $185.00 less than last year's returns, according to the IRS. If you claimed one of following, the Child Tax Credit or the Additional...

Tax Season in 18 days - January 29, 2019

Good news, it seems like the Internal Revenue Services will be issuing refund checks as they process tax returns starting January 29, 2019. Remember, I have a secure client portal...

Tax Refunds

Good news, it seems like the Internal Revenue Services will be issuing refund checks as they process tax returns starting January 29, 2019....

Facts about the Government Shutdown

While the Government remains closed, the IRS will process the following items: electronic/paper returns, disaster relief transcripts and accept payments.  As long as there is...

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Larry K Hurt Income Tax Services

Preparing taxes for over 50 years....

Posted by on 04/30/2020

13038 Pavillion Ct, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, USA
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Larry K Hurt Income Tax Services

1969 9342nd Security Police Group, Vanderburg AFB, CA ...

Posted by Larry Hurt on 05/03/2019

13038 Pavillion Ct, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
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Larry K Hurt Income Tax Services

Experience preparing tax returns for individauls trading in Crypto Currency. ...

Posted by Larry Hurt on 01/27/2019

13038 Pavillion Ct, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, USA
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