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About Joseph J. Gormley CPA

Joseph Gormley, CPA has more than 25 years experience in accounting, tax, and related fields serving clients in Princeton, NJ and the surrounding areas. Joe practices full time offering a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. The office is conveniently located on Route 1 in Princeton, NJ. Call today @ 609-269-5009 for a free consultation.

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Joseph J. Gormley CPA Member Articles

Lowering 2017 Tax Liability

Two of the most beneficial ways to lower your tax liability in 2017 are opening certain types of retirement and health savings plans. Adding and withdrawing funds is not subject to...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 05/08/2017

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The Pros And Cons Of Amended IRS Tax Returns, Weigh Your Opportunities Wisely

The IRS allows for tax return amending if you did not file correctly in your last tax submission or you made a mistake. Filing your tax return is a mandatory requisite if your earnings...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 04/26/2017

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The Tax Filing Deadline And Other Tax Issues

The tax filing deadline in the US is normally April 15. It can also be April 16 or 17. The date moves forward if April 15 is on a weekend or on a public holiday. The IRS Requires...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 04/19/2017

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A Retirement Withdrawal Strategy So That You Don’t Go Nuts

Fresh retirees often have to cope up with the sudden changes that hit them when they quit something they've been doing for several years together. The adjustment could mean a lot...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 04/12/2017

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Filing Taxes Late: Know Your Options & Don't Panic!

Dealing with the IRS can be extremely intimidating, no matter how long you have been filing taxes or running your own small business. However, when it comes time to file a tax return...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 04/05/2017

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Payroll Tax Violations – An Introduction To Tax Evasion Strategies And Possible Penalties

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently intensified its focus on payroll tax crimes. Led by its watchdog, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax, the IRS released a report...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 03/28/2017

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Business Vehicle Expenses: Leased Vs. Bought

One of the more generous business tax deductions allowed by the IRS focuses on being able to use the expenses of buying, using, or owning a business vehicle as a write off when you...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 03/21/2017

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Figuring Out Your Tax Basis - Selling Assets

If you've sold assets, made investments, have mutual funds, stocks, or received an inheritence, you'll need to figure out your tax basis when filing your income tax return. Tax basis...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 03/14/2017

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Intro To Earned Income Tax Credit

Earned income tax credit (EITC) is a subsidy of sorts for people belonging to low-income groups. The tax credit equals a standard percentage of income, right from the first earned...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 03/08/2017

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How to Claim Your Social Security Benefits as a Widow or Widower

When a spouse dies, there can be a lot of financial considerations, especially if the spouse that passes was the primary breadwinner or the one who handled the retirement planning....

Stay Organized All Year with These 4 Tips

When it comes to tax time, there can be quite a bit of stress gathering the necessary paperwork for your tax return to be prepared. To reduce that stress, consider working at increasing...

Understanding Capital Gains for Corporations

For small businesses that have chosen to incorporate, there are some unique aspects to consider when it comes to the taxes that your corporation will pay on capital gains. Capital...

Top Tax Deductions for Active Military Personnel

For those who are serving in the military, there are a variety of potential tax deductions and benefits that may be available. However, there are some very specific benefits that apply...

Business Use of Your Vehicle

Running a business can take a lot of time and energy. While you may be doing something that is your passion, there is still a lot of time and energy that you will need to take care...

Bookkeeping and Your Business

Your business is important. You have spent a lot of time working on the business, getting it up and running, and ensuring that it is going to work the best for your needs and to make...

The Adoption Credit

Adoption is a beautiful thing. Many families want to add on to their love and have another child come and join them. Some of these families have a few children already but feel that...

The Benefits of Choosing a Roth IRA

Setting up for your retirement is a big deal. It helps you to be ready when you reach the right age for retiring and not working any longer. Many of us dream about that retirement,...

The Benefits of Filing Married but Separate

During tax time, there are a number of decisions that you can make that are going to influence how you are going to do your tax return, which deductions you are able to take in, and...

The Benefits of Signing Up for the ACA

Having health insurance in an important thing. Being stuck without any insurance to protect yourself can make things difficult. You may have to come up with a large sum of money all...

Taking Out Retirement Without the Fees

Your retirement is a great way for you to help save up for the expenses that you are going to have later in life. Many people find that they started way too late in life and are now...

Reporting Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is a serious issue that could land you in a lot of trouble if you are caught. Tax fraud is the act of hiding or avoiding income in order to avoid taxes. While this is usually...

Claiming Medical Deductions in Unusual Circumstances

Medical expenses can be deducted from your federal tax return as much as they exceed 10% of your annual gross income.  Most people are aware of the common medical expenses...

Making the most of your HAS when you turn 65

The high deductible and Health Savings Account insurance plan is seen more and more frequently.  The Health Savings Account covers qualified medical expenses, and has certain...

Charitable deductions and what you can claim

Do you happen to be the charitable type? Depending on which organization(s) you chose to donate your time, money, or goods to, you may be able to deduct those donations on your tax...

Your questions answered about Expatriate Tax

It’s not every day that the words “Expatriate Tax” cross your path. Generally speaking, it’s not the most common of tax situations even if you’re a tax preparer. If you already...

Payroll Taxes

 Listen, we’ve got it. Taxes are here like the winter—do you feel prepared? Are the windows shuttered, the dials set to 70, and the sweaters yanked out of storage? The same...

Qualify for a Working Tax Credit?

Hello, everyone. It’s Joe Gormley, CPA here to offer some more tax advice for you.  If you are stressing out on how you’re able to pay your tax debt before April 15th, you’re...

Student Loan Interest (Paid by Parents)

Hey everyone, Joe Gormley, CPA here to answer your tax questions. Do you live near Rutgers? Are you a fan of the Scarlet Knights? Even if you’re a fan of other great colleges, we...

Why Your Business Needs Bookkeeping Services

Hello everyone, Joe Gormley, CPA here to answer your financial questions. One common observation I’ve seen about mid-sized businesses is that many prefer to cut corners when trying...

How To Resolve Unpaid Taxes

 When it comes to taxes, people often make mistakes which are quite normal. However, when these mistakes lead the IRS to perform audits of your business or personal assets, repaying...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 01/05/2016

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How To Determine If Your Activity Qualifies as a Business or a Hobby

We all have that one activity we love to do. It is something used to take our minds off the stress of the day; it is our escape. However, there comes a time when this activity becomes...

Posted by Joseph J. Gormley CPA on 01/05/2016

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