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Latest Regulations on Cost Basis

Cost basis refers to the original value of an asset for taxes. Its value often determines its capital gains, which equal the asset’s cost basis and the current market value....

Posted 03/01/2021 by McCool's Tax Service

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Vital Things to Know about the Refundable Tax Credit

There are different goals for all taxpayers when filing their returns each year. Some might aim at reducing their tax amount. At the same time, another might desire a huge refund...

How To Measure Taxes On Your Crypto Profits

Your taxes this year may be dominated by a clear question: "At any point in 2020, did you sell, receive, send, trade, or earned financial interest in any virtual currency?"...

Exceptions For Sanctions & Taxes For Military Service

Treatment of distributions to persons placed on active service for at least 179 days (article 72(t) of the code) Under the current law  Under current legislation, a...

Posted 03/01/2021 by Taxes Made EZ Inc

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