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Simple Ways to Avoid IRS Audit of Your Small Business

A small business needs to get its tax right to avoid unnecessary headache with the IRS. The idea is simple – a plain and accurate disclosure of losses, revenues and deductions...

Tips for Immigrants & Green Card Holders Filing a U.S. Income Tax Return

You must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident (green card holder), or pass the "substantial presence" test to be recognized as a U.S. resident for tax purposes....

Posted 05/07/2021 by Taxes Made EZ Inc

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How Does an LLC (Limited Liability Company) Pay Income Tax?

An LLC (limited liability company) is a form of business organization recognized by all states. Forming an LLC provides limited liability protection to owners (called "members")...

Which Job Search Expenses Are Deductible?

The current reality is that changing jobs is common. But for the first time, the dreaded job search now has an advantage: deductions! Job search expenses can be deducted as different...

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