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How to Convert a Corporation to an LLC

The traditional process is slow and tedious if you want to convert your corporation to an LLC. But in many states, there is an easier and less expensive way. Although it doesn't...

Types of Healthcare Directives

Advanced healthcare directive planning can make difficult healthcare decisions less stressful. Expressing end-of-life wishes can be challenging, especially in the face of a serious...

Posted 11/28/2022 by Taxes Made EZ Inc

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Common Tax Misconceptions You Should Know

Every taxpayer could prefer living tax-free. Unfortunately, the tax system is made more challenging by emerging tax laws. These laws create tons of questions, leaving taxpayers...

What Are Required Minimum Distributions?

The retirement account is no place to hide money from taxes because eventually, the IRS will come for their even share. RMDs stands for a required minimum distribution (RMD),...

Posted 11/28/2022 by Pat Raskob

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