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What are Tax Dependents: Important Things to Note

A tax dependent is someone with connections to you that permits some tax deductions and credits like the head of household, the child and dependent care credit, the child tax...

Federal Tax Credit for Seniors & Persons With Disabilities

As people grow older or experience disabilities, it can become harder to meet financial obligations. In recognition, the United States government offers several tax credits to...

Posted 03/31/2023 by Taxes Made EZ Inc

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Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Owning a home is one of the important life decisions that everyone needs to make. A home is a way to gather wealth, but downsides like mortgage, unexpected repairs, fees, and...

Posted 03/31/2023 by Pat Raskob

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Overcoming Money Conflicts With Your Partner

Finance is a major concern in a relationship. Money can lead to many troubles in marriage, leading to an explosive argument. Some couples face money problems from spending habits,...

Posted 03/31/2023 by KLSM CPA Firm PLLC

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