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Depreciation Basics for Small Businesses

Deprecation can be a huge tax savings for businesses. However, many small businesses choose to ignore their depreciation because they do [...]

Are Insurance Payouts Taxable?

Whether you are an individual or a small business, insurance is probably a big part of your life. We insure everything from our homes, business [...]

Itemization Basics: Which Expenses Can Be Itemized?

The vast majority of Americans take the standard deduction on a yearly basis. This is usually because itemizing your expenses takes time [...]

Special Tax Considerations for Farmers and Fishermen

Farming and fishing ventures are usually considered a form of self-employment. The difference is that they have special reporting requirements [...]

What You Need to Know About Same Sex Marriage and Taxes in Santa Clara, CA

 If you are in a same sex marriage, you can start enjoying the tax benefits that come along with it. Before you start claiming any [...]