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Home Office Deductions

Under the IRS rules, a taxpayer is allowed to deduct expenses related to business use of a home, but only if the space is used “exclusively” [...]

Profit and Loss

It might seem like a no-brainer to define just exactly what profit and loss are.But of course these have definitions like everything else.Profit [...]

Need Bookkeeper?

Many small businesses run into issues with their bookkeeping at one time or another. So if you’re a small business owner who is doing [...]

The Outsourcing Revolution: Is your Small Business ready to embrace the concept?

As they focus on improving their value chain companies are increasingly looking for ways to move from basic transactional processes such as [...]

Small Business Bookkeeping: Common Bookkeeping Mistakes that may put your Business at Risk

Bookkeeping, accounting and income tax filing is one of the most challenging and important aspects of running a business. Even small errors [...]