Taxes Can Be Complicated.

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Property Taxes: What They Are & How They Are Calculated

When someone brings up the subject of homeownership, they have to think about several expenses. Of course, the mortgage payment is one of the first things that comes to mind, but...

Posted 04/17/2021 by Fred Lake

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What To Avoid As An International Taxpayer

While filing income tax can be difficult for expats, we have good news. Extensions are available for your foreign tax return, and some are even automated! As an American, you're...

Posted 04/17/2021 by Dennis Jao

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How To Object To a Wage Garnishment

If you owe a debt to a lender, such as a loan, hospital bill, or credit card, you can't automatically garnish your wages. Instead, the creditor needs to sue you first and get...

How Does Renting Out a Room Influence Tax Payments?

Giving out a on rent room is another way to earn extra money. Many people now rent out an apartment or a room either for an office or for other functions. If you want to rent  out...

Posted 04/15/2021 by CORE PERFORMANCE

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