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5 Tips for Travelling to Canada

5 Tips for Travelling to Canada

The beauty of Canada is unbelievable. Here you can find wonderful landscapes such as mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests, etc. You will surely be delighted by its striking sceneries. Although Canada is a Western country, it’s still important to plan carefully when travelling to Canada. Listed below are five of the most essential tips for travelling to Canada:

Get your Visa

For travelling to Canada, you’ll need a valid passport, usually with at least 6 months validity past the end of your trip. You should also check whether you need a visa or any other entry requirements as there are 54 countries that do not need a visa to enter Canada. You must apply for visa well in advance. But don’t worry it’s quick, easy and inexpensive to apply for your Canada visa online. It’ll take only 72 hours to prepare your visa.

Read the Canadian Customs and Laws Properly

Before setting off, go through the local laws and customs of Canada to make sure you don’t offend local people or get into trouble by breaking any laws. You would definitely not want to get arrested while travelling, right? You may also brush up on your English and French before travelling to Canada as these are the two official languages. Though English is spoken more, but in Quebec and Montreal you’ll need to know some French too. You should also be aware of their currency as Canada uses the Canadian Dollar, not the US Dollar.

Check the Weather

Canada is a massive country and therefore the climate and weather there are different in various regions. The best time for you to visit Canada is during the spring and autumn months, that is, around September till November. The weather during fall is highly suitable for travelling.

Check the Border Crossing Requirements

In the recent years, many restrictions have been imposed on border entry in Canada. The documents required for travelling to Canada are constantly changing. Therefore, it’s very important to check these requirements carefully before you leave.

Get Acquainted with their Sales Tax Regime

The Canadian government imposes sales tax on various goods and services. So, while planning your trip to Canada, do not forget about this. The sales tax rates vary from province to province.

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