A Comprehensive Guide to Registry-Completion Discount for Event Gifts

A Comprehensive Guide to Registry-Completion Discount for Event Gifts

Do you remember how much fun it was to make a holiday wish list when you were a kid? Creating your wedding registry is like that, but it's better because you're an adult now, and you're not asking for Moon Shoes that you'll get tired of in a week. Completing the wedding registry is a lot of fun, but you might not realize there's an added benefit: discounts for completing the registry. These discounts are amazing, but they are only available to those who are smart enough to take advantage of them.

What are the discounts for registry completion?

These additional bonuses offered by stores and websites give you a deep discount on any items in your account that your guests did not get for you. For example, Amazon is offering a 20% discount on what's left on your registry after the wedding (assuming you're a Prime member). You have 90 days from the wedding date to complete the list, and you don't have to buy everything, so you can choose the things you want. If you're not a Prime member, the discount drops to 10%, but it's still a great deal just for getting married.

Who offers the bonuses?

Stores like Target, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Macy's, as well as online services like Amazon, offer bonuses for buying things off your registry after marriage. First, identify the stores you want to register with, then check if they offer a registry completion discount.

How big are the discounts?

It all depends on the store. Macy's leads with savings of over 20% on mattresses, furniture, and carpets. Amazon is generous with its 20% discount. Target and West Elm offer a 15% discount on the rest of the listings, and some stores also offer a 10% discount.

What do you need to do to get registry completion discounts?

The hardest part about these discounts is remembering to take advantage of them. Stores usually won't remind you of this, so you need to know which listings offer discounts and, most importantly, when the discounts expire. You will have three to six months after the wedding date to cash in on these bonuses most of the time. There should be enough time to take stock of the gifts you received at the wedding and what you need. Most stores offer an online coupon code that you can use, but others offer a printed coupon. Most of the time, you can only use the code once. Be sure to check the restrictions beforehand to know what you are up against.

How to take full advantage of registry completion discount

Registration rules vary by the seller, but keep the following tips in mind:

  • Find out how you'll get the discount. Some merchants will email you a discount code. Others will send a paper coupon to your inbox. Know the selected store's policy, so you know where and what to watch out for after the event.

  • Know your deadline. Some stores give you up to six months to claim the registry completion discount. Others only give a few weeks. There are also time limits for adding items. Some stores allow you to claim a discount only for items added before the event date. Others will allow you to complete registration with new items after the event. Know all the terms associated with your registry, so you don't miss them.

  • Understand the restrictions. Some stores allow you to claim a discount on multiple purchases as long as you make them before the deadline. Some allow you to use it for a single item or transaction. Learn more about the policy for maximizing discounts on large orders or expensive items.

  • Consider registry-completion discount while you register. You can be sure that no one will buy your $700 robot vacuum or jogging cart. Add them to the registry anyway to get a discount. And who knows, your loved ones might surprise you.

Resellers with the best registration completing discount

Consider signing up with these retailers to maximize discounts on wedding gift items your guests don't buy.


Deadline: 90 days from the event

Amount: 10% or 20%

Amazon offers one of the biggest discounts for registry completion but also the most restrictions. Amazon Prime members can get a 20% discount on registry completion up to $200 or $300 (but only if at least $500 worth of items from the registry is purchased). If you receive gifts worth $500 to $999.99, the discount amount can be up to $200. If your generous relatives give you gifts worth $1,000 or more, the discount amount can max out at $300.

Those without Prime can get a 10% completion discount up to a maximum of $100 if gifts worth at least $500 are purchased.

Crate and Barrel

Deadline: six months from the event

Amount: 10%

While 10% isn't the biggest discount on this list, the Crate & Barrel Completion Discount might be worth it if you consider it fits all full-priced items, including expensive store furniture. You can also use it multiple times before it expires.


Deadline: 90 days from the event

Amount: 15%

You must have purchased at least one item to qualify for this discount. You'll receive an email with a coupon you can present in-store and a code you can redeem online. Coupons and codes can be used for multiple items.


Deadline: six months from the event

Value: 20%, plus 10% off furniture, mattresses, and rugs

Macy's registry completion discount is very generous, not just quantitative. You can use the discount as many times as you want before it expires, and you can add new items to the post-event registration.


Deadline: six months from the event

Amount: 15% (single transaction)

Target requires your registration to be active for at least 14 days before receiving your discount coupon for registry completion. It is valid for a single transaction, so be sure to load up your basket. Please note that some items are not eligible for a discount, including some electronics.

Bottom Line

It would be best to consider a registry completion discount as a gift for you after the wedding. As a bonus, if you plan to add new members to your family after marriage, you can start all over with a baby registry. So be sure to set a completion bonus reminder after the wedding because you don't want to leave any money on the table.



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