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Best Cities to Retire in 2021

Best Cities to Retire in 2021

Almost everyone looks forward to retirement time as it presents an opportunity to rest. You take a permanent break from work while you get enough time to follow your passion. However, to fulfill your retirement dream alongside the limitation of funds, a plan is essential. 

The choice of your city of retirement can go a long way in making your retirement funds serve you for long. However, what makes a town appropriate for retirement? What many people consider is the quality of life and standard of living. Others are tax rate, health care quality, housing costs, etc.

With these factors, here are some of the best cities to retire.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina

We love Asheville in North Carolina as the best place to retire due to its closeness to the blue-ridge mountain, breathtaking views, and pristine air quality. In addition, you will love the rustic feel of the town and the series of terrific eateries. 

This is a wealthy town with about a hundred thousand residents; doctors take care of a series of medical issues. Some people might, however, find the cost of living more expensive compared to other towns. For example, the median value for the home price in Asheville is $308,000, a little more than the national median value of $285,000. 

  1. Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota in Florida is located beneath Florida, a place to get all the fun you need. This city is full of activities like boating, fishing, and other activities relative to the beach. The city is blessed with assorted beaches, pleasing sound, warm and clear water. 

There are various activities here suited for the elders like shopping and golf. The city is one of the few without an income tax. The median value of the home price in Sarasota, Florida, is $227,754, with an annual rainfall of average value of 53 inches.

  1. Lewiston Maine 

Located in the Androscoggin River, Lewiston is known for its series of trees and various elements of nature. There are multiple activities suited for seniors like museums, spending time with live bands, and assorted dishes with the varieties of restaurant cities available. 

Lewiston has good air quality with a pretty low crime rate and excellent medical care. The middle range for the home price here is $165,000, much lower than what is available in 42% of most US states. The cost of living is reasonable as well, 5% below the average national level. 

  1. Fort Myers, Florida 

Fort Myers is also one of the best cities to consider for retirement. The city started getting known due to the decision of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to construct their winter home here. 

The city got the name City of Palm due to Thomas Edison's effort to construct a royal palm tree on McGregor Boulevard – a breathtaking sight to behold. For water lovers, there is a hot spot like Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, etc. 

The state has no income tax and an annual rainfall of 53. The median home price is $226,825. There are museums and botanical gardens especially suited for seniors. 

  1. Lancaster Pennsylvania

The great city of Pennsylvania is also a great one to retire for people that love varieties. The city is rich in suburbs, farmlands, and a downtown full of fun, making it a lively town for seniors. 

There is the Amish community where people commute on horse & buggy and there is no public electricity. Even social butterflies will love the monthly music and art festivals downtown. There is also a winter mountain resort, corn mazes, hiking trails, and a popular dog park.

All your social security here is tax-free, and the average median price for a home is $215,975, lower than what is available in most American states. 

  1. Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is a good city for everyone who wants a pretty affordable city for retirement with a terrific warm climate. You will love the series of family-friendly attractions here alongside assorted beaches like Pensacola Beach.

You can have a boat ride across the Gulf of Mexico to watch the dolphin's rays and sea turtles. The monthly mortgage cost here is around $1,287, making it affordable for all. 



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