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Essential Factors to Consider in Selecting a Tax Resolution Company

Essential Factors to Consider in Selecting a Tax Resolution Company

Approaching Uncle Sam yourself is a mistake you don’t want to make. Know that the IRS has trained agents and psychologists expert at squeezing you for the truth and getting you to pay the debt. 

Tax professionals are trained agents with experience and skills in relating with Uncle Sam. Using such brings about a fruitful approach of resolving your tax matters. However, you cannot hire any tax resolution company that appeals to you. Here are strategies to get the best tax resolution company.


In addition to skill, experience is also essential in relating with Uncle Sam. As a result, you are better off working with a firm with years of experience under their belt. It is sad for a novice firm to use your case to gain experience. You have a higher chance of success working with a firm that has been in business for many years. 

Experience matters as there is a high chance the firm has handled cases that look like yours or more complicated issues. Also, they will likely know how to apply the tax laws to your case. 


Without a doubt, you need the staff of such a tax resolution company to assist you with all queries. As a result, the firm should have licensed and certified staff working as attorneys or resolution experts. 

It is a plus if they belong to professional associations like the Institute of Certified Public Accountants or the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. However, tax lawyers need to be a member of the state bar. 


Since you are a client, it is your right to ask a tax resolution firm for references before enlisting their services. They should gladly point you to details of people they have helped in the past. Refusal to offer this should be a red flag that the firm might not be able to help. 

On getting the reference list, be sure to contact the individuals and make inquiries using the following questions:

  • What was their general experience with the firm?

  • Did the firm disclose fees and prices accurately and adequately?

  • Was there any surprise in the case?

  • Did the firm thoroughly explain the terms of service and contract?

  • Were their staff professional and helpful?

The answers to these will go a long way to decide if such a company is worth retaining or you will consider another. 

No Guarantee

While some firms have the guarantee, it could be a simple marketing gimmick. We know you want a guarantee, but the truth is a tax resolution firm might not guarantee the outcome of such a case; neither will they be able to assure you of a positive result with Uncle Sam. 

If you are working with a reputable firm, they will let you know up front that the result of your case is hinged on many things like:

  • How old your tax debt is

  • Exactly what you owe Uncle Sam

  • Interest and penalties you might owe

  • Any collection action from Uncle Sam like a wage garnishment or seizing of your asset

The presence of these factors makes it challenging for any tax resolution company to predict how your case will turn out.



A tax resolution with nothing to hide will tell you upfront what you might be charged for their services. Beware of firms that tell you they have a fixed service charge. The truth is that there could be hidden fees you might later pay in the future.  

This comes down to knowing what the firm charges per hour, the cost of their tax attorney retainer, and if you should expect to pay for other expenses like preparation of documents, the price for the courier, and others. You should have all these costs in writing, and if anything changes, you should also be notified in advance.


Personalized Service 

It should be your desire to work with a tax firm that will give you a personalized service. This involves being kept in the loop as the case unfolds. 

You should also be granted access to the person handling your case so you can be aware of every detail possible before you will meet with Uncle Sam either at court or for the audit. It is also essential to know if the professional handling your case will readily answer your phone calls or reply to your emails should you have questions or concerns. 



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