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Furternity Leave - Should It Be Implemented Worldwide Or Not?

Furternity Leave - Should It Be Implemented Worldwide Or Not?

In countries like UK, Canada, Australia and many others, when a working woman is about to deliver the baby, she can easily get away with the maternity leave. This maternity leave lasts till a year and she gets full payment of her work. This way it is extremely easy for women to give birth to children over there. 

However, when we talk about furternity leaves, that has not been implemented yet when even that should be as well. In Minnesota, there is a firm which has started to offer furternity leaves to all the new pet moms as well as dads. 

This is due to a policy which puts emphasis on pet friendly workplace as well as to offer the workers flexibility. This firm makes sure that the new pet moms and dads can take a furternity leave and a week off to bond and make their pets feel home like until the time that they are truly adjusted to the new surroundings. 

Is furternity leave a wise move?

Animals have feelings and they take a harder time in adjusting to new situations and surroundings because they have to adapt to an entirely new environment. If some places have started the trend of furternity leave, then it is a wise decision for sure specially in those places where everyone in the house does jobs. This furternity leave will give them the chance to connect with their pets, get to know about their likes and dislikes. 

They can also make their pets used to the environment at their home, let them know about the house and all the tiny details so that after the furternity leave has ended, the pets do not have to face much difficulty. 

Switching homes can be a very difficult process for animals which is why it is very important that furternity leave should exist in every firm. 

Pet leave, pet insurance as well as pet bereavement policies are slowly gaining popularity and this has encouraged more working people to get pets. Previously the thought of buying pets might cause them worry or fear that they will neglect the pets because of their job. 

If a husband and wife both are on job and they get a new pet they can take turns in taking the furternity leave which will give more time to both the pet as well as the owners of the house in getting used to their pets. 

This will also allow them to spend more time with their pets and to train it pretty well in the course of 15 to 20 days.

Furternity leave should be imposed worldwide

Those people who are pet lovers and looking for a new job can look for those jobs who give furternity leaves and pet friendly benefits. On the whole, this will be a very positive move and this will also encourage people in to buying more pets and giving them shelter. 

Those firms who are taking the initiative and giving away furternity leaves should be greatly appreciated as they are surely doing something which deserves applause. 

It is also true, that in the Western world there are more than 50 percent of the people who welcome pets in their homes so as to get training before actually planning a baby. These furternity leaves will give them the perfect idea about how they will feel after they will be having a baby. 

A pet who is there in your house for 24 hours will need special attention and will surely train people about having babies and what it feels like before they actually do have babies. 

Wrapping up

If you are working in such a firm where furtenrity leaves are not given or have not been imposed yet, so it is better not to buy a pet at the moment. It is not a wise act to buy a pet and then ignore and neglect it badly. 

Animals are sensitive and it is very important to attend to their needs. Wait for the furternity leave to be implemented or think of any other way before buying a pet. Because buying a pet and then not taking care of it or its needs, is not a good decision at all. 

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