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How to File Taxes with a Maiden Name

How to File Taxes with a Maiden Name

Getting married promises a happy ending, but you have to struggle to get it. You will encounter many hurdles and one is filing taxes with a maiden name. It's an easy approach if you know how but if you don't, you may end up spending the money you made during your wedding on taxes. If the bride plans on keeping her surname or hasn't changed, it will cause a fix on tax deduction. Then the situation will ruin the flowering moment. 

Nothing to worry about anyway because you can maintain your maiden name and still fill tax. The form has a partition for each spouse's identification. The name should tally with the name on your Social Security Number (SSN). But first, you must maintain communication with the Social Security Administration (SSA) while changing your name. Be sure to contact them on time beforehand. The SSA usually takes a week or two to file and approve the document.  

Below are some tips about the name change

The IRS doesn't need you in their office for a name change. You should inform the SSA before filing taxes. You can report by email or visit the social security office near you. The process may take longer, so be informed and prepared. 

Expect some issues with your tax if you don't update the name change with your SSN. The change name must match the one on your social security card to avoid tax delay. The IRS won't approve your form sent electronically for the same reason. This case may take a long time before your tax returns are approved. Also, informing the authorities about your name change will help avoid missing out on the future benefits attached to the social security scheme.  

Even your child's name change has to be reported to the administration. Whether you adopt or have a child with the same name as the father-in-law, you must include your name to get tax returns. You can't claim a child if the name does not correspond to the name on the social security card. Also, you can't keep an adopted child as a caretaker. Because of this mistake, you can also lose training, child credit, extra baby credit, and childcare benefits. 

Things to be ready for;

Marriage and Social Security Number

The process is filed using an SS-5 form. The two organizations – the IRS and the SSA – are independent entities. The IRS tracks the returns from the SSA databases, and any mistake interrupts the entire stimulation. 

Filed under the married name

The change attracts a charge even if the W-2 form has the title if you intend to change your maiden name to your married name. On the W-2 form, replace the maiden name with your husband's name. Submit the W-2 form to the IRS, who will go through it, and if the name change matches the name on your social security card, you wouldn't have problems with tax returns. The process will be swiftly done in time.

Filing using your maiden name

As stated above, you can file the W-2 with your surname before submitting it. With this, it is possible to get married even without changing your name. Instead of filing taxes with your husband's name, you can use your surname, but it has to tally with your name on your SSA and IRS database. Those who don't have time to notify the SSA about the name change can fill out their taxes using the W-2 form. Afterward, you can change the name and submit the documents to SSA to modify the change on the database.

As aforementioned, ensure you report the intention to change your name to the Social Security Administration before you begin the process. If you fail to do so, expect a tax delay.



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