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How to Inform the IRS of a Change of Address

How to Inform the IRS of a Change of Address

It's a good idea to notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as soon as possible if you are moving. You can update your address via phone or fill out a form provided by the IRS and send it to the agency. You can also update another individual address, such as a parent or elderly relative, if you are the person's authorized representative.

How to update your address with the IRS

You can use one of 5 different methods to indicate a change of address.

  • Call the IRS: Notify the IRS of the address change by calling a local office. You will need to present identifying information, including your full name, social security number, date of birth, old address, and new address. You will need a company's Employer Identification Number. The agent you talk to may also request additional information to verify your identity.

  • Send written notification: You can notify the IRS of the address change with a signed, written statement. Provide your full name, new address, old address, social security number, or other tax ID number and date of birth. Make sure your statement includes your printed name and signature. Send the return to the address where you would file a paper tax return. Both you and your spouse must sign the written declaration if you are filing a joint declaration and are moving together.

  • Use Form 8822: Download and complete Form 8822. Instructions are included on the second page of the form, which also indicates where to submit the completed and signed form. Use Form 8822-B if you want to update your business location or address.

  • Use your tax return:  Always use your new address on your tax return when you file your return. The Internal Revenue will update your records to match your return address.

  • Visit the IRS in person: You can go to the nearest taxpayer assistance center to personally report a change of address. The agent you talk to will need the same credentials you would provide over the phone. You and your spouse must go together if you are filing a joint return and are both moving to a new address, or the non-person must provide a written declaration. Taxpayer assistance centers were closed in early 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the IRS has started to gradually reopen them. As of May 2021, you must call 844-545-5640 in advance and plan.

The IRS typically updates its records within four to six weeks of receiving new address information. However, this period may be delayed during peak tax filing season and due to personnel adjustments resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

How to update someone else's address

You can change an address on behalf of another person if you are authorized to represent them in tax matters. You and the person you represent must complete Form 2848 to become your authorized representative. This gives you a power of attorney over their tax matters.

You cannot change another person's address, even if it is a relative, such as a parent, child, or spouse unless you are their authorized representative.

Bring or send a copy of Form 2848 with other change of address documents when you contact the Internal Revenue to change that person's address. You must also provide identifying information for yourself and the person you represent.

Ensure a smooth change

The IRS is permitted to use the taxpayer's last known address to send documents or other communications. This means that any documents or notifications sent to the address registered by the IRS are legally valid and binding on you, even if you do not live there or do not receive them.

You can prevent the loss of important government communications and face unwanted financial or legal penalties by taking steps to ensure that the change of address is handled easily and quickly:

  • Wait for the filing of the income tax return after the move if you intend to move within the first four months of the year preceding the expiration of the income tax return. You can complete the tax return with the new address, and the refund check will be sent there.

  • Submit a Personal Address Change form and a Business Change of Address form if you also have a home-based business.

  • Separated couples must submit a change of address form, even if only one person moves to a new address. This will allow the IRS to track each taxpayer.

  • The US Postal Service will usually return refund letters or IRS checks if they notify you of the change of address, but you should still file a change of address with the IRS to make sure there are no communication problems or lost documents.



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