How to Inform Uncle Sam of a Change of Address

How to Inform Uncle Sam of a Change of Address

One needs to keep Uncle Sam aware of any move as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. It can be over the phone or by completing a form provided by the IRS and sending it to the agency. One can also update another person's address, like a relative or dependent, provided one is the authorized dependent.

This article sheds light on how to update your address with Uncle Sam.

How to Update Your Address with Uncle Sam

There are five methods in which one can update Uncle Sam of an address change.

  1. Form 8822

Form 8822 is available online, which taxpayers can download and fill. The form also contains the instructions alongside where you will mail the form once it's completed and signed. For people that want to change their business location or mailing address, Form 8822-B is the right choice.

  1. Use Your Tax Return 

There is also the opportunity to use the new address on the tax return on filing for the year. Uncle Sam will update its record to reflect the address you send on your return.

  1. Call Uncle Sam

You can also call any of the IRS local offices to inform them of your address change. This process will involve submitting a couple of identifying info like full name, date of birth, old and new address alongside the social security number. Businesses will need to supply their employer's ID number. 

They might also request more information to verify your identity 

  1. Pay Uncle Sam a Visit

There is a taxpayer Assistance Center where taxpayers can visit to inform Uncle Sam of any change in address in person. You will meet an IRS representative who will request various info from you, the same info you will supply over the phone. People filing a joint return, and are both having the address change needs to go with their spouse —any of the parties that will not be available needs to submit a written statement. 

  1. Send Notice in Writing 

You can inform Uncle Sam of your address change by providing a written statement with your signature. This will also include your full name, new address, social security number, and date of birth.

Make sure the statement has both your signature and printed name. Your statement should be forwarded to the address where your paper return will normally go. People that file a joint return should both sign the return with their spouse if the change of address pertains to both of them.

Uncle Sam will update its record in six weeks at most when it receives the info on your new address, although the corona-virus issue might cause delay. 

Updating Someone Else’s Address

There is the opportunity to update another person’s tax return address provided you can stand for that person before the IRS. Both you and the person should fill Form 2848 before you can become the authorized representative. With this, you get a power of attorney for such a person concerning tax matters. 

It is not possible to change another person's address even if you are a relative like parents, spouse or kid if you are not the authorized reprehensive. 

You can either mail or take a duplicate of Form 2848 alongside other materials you used for your change of address after contacting Uncle Sam to change the address for you. Also, you will need to submit ID info for you and the person you are standing for. 

Make Sure you have a Smooth Transition.

When Uncle Sam communicates with you or sends correspondence, it can only use your last known address. As a result, all documents sent to the address will bind you legally and effectively even if you already changed your address.

With this, make sure to avoid any unnecessary hassle that comes with failure to get correspondence from the IRS by ensuring your address change is smooth and quick.



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