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Posted by Pat Raskob

How to Overcome Money Conflict with Your Partner

How to Overcome Money Conflict with Your Partner

It is pretty common for couples to fight or argue over finances. Many have cited finances as the primary source of conflict, separation, and divorce in marriage. 

Discussion about money is pretty vital before marriage, even though many couples fail to do this. A prenuptial agreement does not even remove money conflict in a relationship.

Financial conflict often creeps up in marriage. 

The excellent news is conflict resolution is not a difficult task. For everyone genuinely interested in fixing financial issues in marriage, this article will explore how to handle such in marriage:

  1. Have an open communication

Open communication has always been the key to a healthy marriage and relationship. In other words, communicating your needs to the other party is essential.

As long as you understand your partner’s stance, navigating financial conflict will be pretty easy so that both parties can reach a compromise. 

  1. Prioritize Partnership 

Adjusting their perspective might be the best call of action for people who find themselves battling with their partners. 

Forget the idea of changing your partner to the ideal figure because you want a happy marriage. Forcing someone against their will isn't possible. Never forget that marriage is a union, so it should not be strictly about your needs but a loving relationship that needs to encompass both parties. 

If you prioritize partnership, strengthening your marriage will be easy, irrespective of any conflict that might want to arise. 

  1. Let go of the fear of Money.

Discussion about money might trigger negative emotions in some people. People in this situation need to look for what the root cause is. 

Many times, your past affects your reaction to money. Many people could react to money because of what they learned as a kid. As soon as you let go of all such negative emotions, making a clear and wise financial decision will be possible.

  1. Understand their Spending Habit

Empathy is essential if you will resolve conflict successfully in marriage. In the same way, you need to know that your significant other’s attitude and reaction towards money can be traced to a past financial situation.

Rather than criticizing your partner's spending habits, understand their standpoint.

For instance, one partner might be careful with spending due to a poor financial background. Others might be a spendthrift since they always have access to cash while growing up.

An idea of their origin and spending habits will create a platform where both parties will work together and find ways to make one another accountable. 

  1. Consult a Qualified Finance professional for Help

Financial stress in marriage is never easy. As a result, one needs to seek guidance and support from trained professionals like accountants or financial planners. 

Working together with such a party will help you develop a sound financial plan and a workable budget. 

An experienced third party can reduce money frictions and arguments in marriage. Their experience will go a long way to help you settle issues rather than allow emotions to cloud decisions. 

Investing in a couple's financial counseling can help resolve conflict and deal with financial stress.

  1. Have some Guiding Principles

One of the most important things to do in trying to avoid financial conflict is to find some valuable principles that will guide your marriage and finances. 

A common principle guiding both parties will reduce conflict and set the stage for proper financial planning. 

Overall, ensure money does not always be the topic of any issue in your marriage. Try to be financially responsible so that solving financial problems right from the root will be possible. Don't forget that marriage is a partnership where the parties work together to overcome any conflict. 



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