Minimizing social security taxes - Is it possible?

Minimizing social security taxes - Is it possible?

People now believe and also prefer to work much beyond before their traditional age approaches. This is because they wish that their social security taxes are minimized. They also do that because their social security taxes will compensate their salary from full or part time employment. 

Almost 85 percentage of the social security income is taxable and that can be quite hard for you specially when the federal income tax will come. It all depends upon how much tax is applied on your social security income as much as you are earning it. 

However, with some planning, learning and some preparation you can lessen and decrease your tax liability. These include some steps for example properly balancing and rebalancing your portfolio. Apart from that, it also includes to structure many kinds of transactions which one makes. 

How manage your monthly income in order to limit the social security taxes

One of the ways of minimizing your social security taxes is an advice by many of the tax preparers and accountants. This advice is to reduce their monthly provisional incomes. If a person is about to retire or is approaching the age of retirement, he/she needs to be very smart. 

It is much better to structure the whole payment that he is about to receive and get it over the years rather than receiving in at the end altogether. If it is received altogether, it will be impossible to minimize the social security tax. 

A sales person having a large amount of stock left must be intelligent enough to deal with it. Instead of selling the entire stock altogether or in huge amount, it is better to sell the stuff slowly and gradually. This will minimize the social security taxes in any single year. 

Delay the social security income as much as you can

This is one of the most simplest of the ways to delay your social security taxes. If you delay the social security income, you will rarely have to pay any taxes then. This is because you only pay the taxes when you do get the social security income in your hands. If you keep on delaying it, you will not have to pay any taxes. 

Contacting a tax advisor is better

If you are unaware of the regulations of the social security taxes or are about to approach the age of retirement, it is better to contact a tax advisor. These tax advisors, tax preparers or tax accountants are known for their jobs regarding all matters of tax. 

These tax advisors will look in to the possible implications about the taxes which you have to pay and advise you good about it. Apart from that, if you think that you are capable enough to deal with the social security tax issues, then you can also look up in the internal revenue service publication 915. This will easily help you if you want to calculate your tax liabilities. 

You should also find out if the state in which you live applies taxes on social security benefits. If it does, then you also have to pay the taxes which come along with the benefits. The best way to lessen and reduce the chances is possible only if you know how to execute and plan properly. 

Key points to remember in order to minimize social security taxes

Below are the few key points which you should remember if you want to minimize your social security taxes:

  • Decrease and lower down your provisional income. This will lessen the tax amount which is applicable on it. 
  • Start taking the social security benefits a long time before your retirement age approaches. 
  • Some investments which make very little income or even which do not bring about any income at all for instance municipal bonds are a great way to reduce your overall tax burden. With the help of these bonds, you will have to pay relatively little or no tax at all. 
  • You can make the use of Merrill edge retirement evaluator. This Merrill edge retirement evaluator will help you to check as well as determine whether you are on the right track or not in order to approach your retirement motives. 

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