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Overcoming Money Conflicts With Your Partner

Overcoming Money Conflicts With Your Partner

Finance is a major concern in a relationship. Money can lead to many troubles in marriage, leading to an explosive argument. Some couples face money problems from spending habits, contributions, bills, earnings, etc. Many other reasons, like hard times and lack of communication, also lead to money frustration. 

However, the biggest issue concerning money is that many couples need the money talk. Other couples have problems when they sign up to spend their finances with their spouse. Above all, finance in marriage determines things like self-worth, social status, tax, accompaniment, freedom, the uncertain, etc. 

We all have beliefs about money before marriage which we inherited from our parents and other family members. However, this article will explore some ways to resolve money conflicts with your partner. 

How Fighting Over Money Impacts Your Marriage

Money conflicts are not small road bumps but major roadblocks in marriage. Fighting over money causes spouses to hold back money and trickles every aspect of the relationship and life. 

Adverse Effects of Fighting Over Money:

  • Money conflicts lead to split dreams. Not discussing money issues before marriage might come back to hurt your union.  

  • Money conflicts lead to financial infidelity. Many spouses argue about money and hide a portion from their spouse.

  • Money conflicts lead to poor health. Financial stress can increase blood pressure, cause back and muscle pain, impact mental health, and more.  

  • Money conflict brings a lack of trust. If money becomes a bone of contemplation and tension, it reduces trust between spouses.

  • Money conflict leads to divorce. Many couples have gone their separate ways because of money arguments.

Have an open Communication

Open communication about money will create a healthy relationship. Spouses should communicate their thoughts about their combined income and need to avoid arguments. Once spouses can understand how to channel their incomes, it will be easier to get along and move past financial conflicts.

Focus on Partnership

Spouses that keep having money arguments should consider taking a step back. It is time to let go of the idea of changing your partner and instead focus on the union. In essence, forget you must make your partner perfect and prioritize a loving relationship for both of you. If you can focus your attention on marriage goals, spouses will be able to settle money conflicts.

Stop fearing Money

Suppose you or your spouse feel bad about money issues; then it is time to find the root of the financial disagreement. Keep in mind that the past affects how individuals think about money. For example, how money was spent and circulated in your family as a child can impact your view about money. Once you can let go of all negative emotions, you can make financial decisions together as partners and see past financial conflicts. 

Understand Your Partner's Spending Habits

Resolving money conflicts in a relationship requires empathy and willingness. You must know your spouse's reaction and attitude concerning money. Their behavior may be a result of past financial situations. Try to put yourself in your spouse's shoes to bring a general understanding of their behavior instead of focusing on criticism. 

For example, some partners from rich backgrounds may become used to losing money or do not have second thoughts concerning spending money because of the lifestyle. However, if you understand your spouse's reason for such behavior, you can willingly work with them. It will make both of you capable of handling each other's expense accountability.

Have Separate Budgets For Personal Expenses

Couples with separate budgets often get into financial arguments. The act can lead to hiding purchase receipts to avoid financial conflict in the relationship. However, couples can tackle this problem by having a different account for personal expenses. In such cases, you can make personal purchases from your personal expense account, but you can't take money from the household budget.



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