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Reasons you Still Haven't Gotten a Stimulus Check

Reasons you Still Haven't Gotten a Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks, also known as economic impact payments, are disbursing their third round of funds to qualified millions of Americans. The program was enacted to help Americans during the impact of the Coronavirus. 

But what of those that haven't received any of the portions? Here are possible reasons you haven't received a stimulus check.

1. You don't qualify

Before you can receive a stimulus check, you must qualify. The stipend is available to a head of household with less than $112,500 income, individuals with less than $75,000, and married couples earning less than $150,000. 

However, those with higher adjusted gross income (AGI) qualify for reduced credit, which is limited to $99,000 for individuals, $136,500 for HOH, and $198,000 for couples. In addition, if you have a higher amount above the approved threshold for the last tax year disqualifies you.  

2. Incorrect bank information

If you need to request and have yet to receive your funds, it may be due to incorrect bank details with the IRS. You can visit the IRS website or use online tools to verify your details. If you have missing details, you'll be asked to input the routing and account number. However, the process may take longer, but the IRS will notify you of the payment date. If you don't correct your details, the IRS will mail the funds to the last known address. 

3. The money went to an old bank account

Those that recently changed their account with the IRS can experience such issues. The office may send your funds to the old bank account instead of the new one. In such a case, the money will bounce back, and the IRS will resend it by paper form unless you reenlist your account information. If you have many bank accounts, check them before concluding. In a married couple's case, check each other's accounts to know where the check was delivered.

4. Failure to file taxes in 2018 or 2019

The check is unavailable for those receiving income below the standard deduction threshold for the year – $12,200 for singles, $18,350 for HOH, and $24,400 for married couples. However, this individual can still benefit from the stimulus check by avoiding some extra hoops. First, check with the Covid-19 website to know your stand. However, you can't do this if you benefit from Social Security retirement, survivor benefits, disability benefits, or Supplemental Security Income. In addition, if you are claiming Veterans Affairs benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits disqualifies you.  

5. Your income is close to the tax filing threshold

The scheme offers stimulus checks to lower-income earners before others. It may take longer to receive your fund if you file taxes close to the IRS tax filing limit – $112,500 for heads of household, $75,000 for single adults, and $150,000 for married couples. You can use the IRS website to verify your details status and input your bank account information.

How to Track My Stimulus Check:

  1. Go to the IRS "Get My Payment" portal

  2. File the form

  3. Hit "Continue"

  4. The website will display a Payment Status informing you about your payment. 

Should You Claim Your Stimulus Check on Your Taxes?

There is no need to include your stimulus check on your taxes if you have been paid. However, for people that didn't receive any stimulus payment, you can claim the unpaid funds by including it on the next tax filing. 

The scheme is called the Recovery Rebate Credit, allowing you to get the first or the next payments. However, the rule does not affect the third stimulus payment, but it is possible to extend it. In essence, you can claim your missing first or second stimulus check.



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