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Steps to know for Form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit)

Steps to know for Form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit)

If you are someone who is finding himself/herself in the identity theft then you have to make use of the form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit) immediately. Keeping in mind that your security is the crucial part of information which should not be disclosed to anyone. 

You have to keep the risk away from yourself to be a part of the form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit). The identity can be stolen so know that when you inform IRS of the information, you do have to present that form in order to maintain the standards which need to be followed. 

If you require any help from the professional tax preparer, they are able to help you out with filling the form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit). There are a lot of people who are dealing with the identity theft without even knowing about it and even if they have some of the evidences in front of them, they tend to ignore them. 

IRS Information 

You cannot simply leave any email with IRS informing that you think that there is a theft on your end but you have to follow the right procedure of filing the form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit) properly. If there is any incorrect information then you may have to face the situation about the way as well. It can be on your loss end that you would not get the reply from IRS if you do not follow the right form for it. 

As IRS does not have enough time to waste on the people’s matter, they prefer you to follow the right way. If you are unaware of it then you need to make sure that you contact the right person who can guide you through all the steps.

Following the Lead 

There are some steps which you can follow as your lead but if you are not able to understand then contact the tax preparer for more information on it. You can also get them to fill the process form for you but then you will have to share all your personal and confidential information with them. 

Unless you have someone really trustworthy with you then you can do that otherwise, these steps are not so difficult to implement. 

Steps to Follow 

There can be signs which you have to look for when you know that there is identity theft. Unexpected letters from IRS which you would be thinking that why it came to your end. It means that someone has your information and trying to frame you in the scam. You will be receiving the calls from IRS which they do not make and it would be in a form of scam as well. 

You have to be aware of these signs so that you can surely file for the form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit) and get the protection from IRS. If there is not validation of the source that you have the identity theft then IRS may charge you penalty for it as it takes away their time for something useless which you thought was on your end. 

When you have the real notice from IRS, you will be knowing the reason for it eventually and there will be a number provided on it for you to call if you need any assistance. The form is usually provided by IRS to you so that you can fill it and send it back to them on the address which is mentioned. 

Service and Cost 

The cost of the postal service is also done by the IRS so you do not have to worry about it. If you wish to download the form, you can do it from the main website of IRS as well. You have to make the copies of the form when you have filled it as in case there is any discrepancy in the form, you have the proof that you enter the right information and it was not a mistake. 

You have to take the precautions in hand in order to keep the theft away from yourself. If you are not cautious than anyone can misuse the information without your knowledge and you will not be pleased with it in the future. 

If there are any audits on your way through IRS, you can keep the copies with you to keep yourself protected so that it does not create any trouble for you. 

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