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Taxpayer’s Right When Relating with Uncle Sam

Taxpayer’s Right When Relating with Uncle Sam

In dealing with the IRS, it often seems like the government is almighty. However, all taxpayers have their Right and knowledge of this can change your interaction with Uncle Sam.

Terms such as tax liens, levies, collections and audits can induce fear to the typical taxpayer. With the IRS's bill of Right, it states your Right as a taxpayer, alongside how Uncle Sam conducts its dealing like appeals, tax collections, issuance of refunds and appeal. 

Exploring the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

Here are ten fundamental rights of all taxpayers explored briefly:

  1. The Right to be Informed

Ignorance of the law will not exonerate you if you fumble with any tax regulation. With a vast knowledge of what to do in complying with tax laws, it can go a long way to keep you out of trouble. 

The idea is to furnish you with essential information that will make you a law-abiding citizen, alongside information relating to the decision of Uncle Sam about your tax accounts.

  1. The Right to Quality Service

With this, Uncle Sam and its employees must treat taxpayers with professionalism, courtesy and promptness. This means their dealing with you must be reasonable, alongside their contact. For instance, they cannot call you before 8 am or contact you at work if it is against your employer's rule. 

  1. The Right to Pay only the Exact tax Amount 

Every law-abiding citizen of the United States will be willing to pay their fair share of tax. Based on this Right, you need not pay more than the specified debt amount.

With this, you can challenge any additional tax that Uncle Sam says you owe in court. One, however, needs to be aware of time limits which make it essential to file all petitions on time. 

  1. The Right to be heard, and also Challenge Uncle Sam’s position

There are times Uncle Sam might take action that is not in your favor, or inform you of its intention to do so. You have the right to disagree and prove your case with the proper documentation as support. 

Uncle Sam needs to consider such an objection provided it was filed on time and must be fair with it, explaining its decision, especially if you owe more tax. 

  1. Right to Appeal Uncle Sam’s Decision via an Independent Forum

With this Right, you can appeal any decision from Uncle Sam to another independent IRS Office of Appeal, which is not the same as the IRS office that reviewed your case initially.

There are situations in which the IRS Office of Appeal has absolute authority to handle your case, and you can question Uncle Sam’s decision in court. 

  1. The Right to Finality

This ensures that you know and are aware of the time you have to question Uncle Sam's position, alongside an understanding of the time limit for an IRS audit.

  1. Right to Privacy

With this Right, Uncle Sam needs to be discreet when having an examination, inquiry or enforcement. It also mandates Uncle Sam to follow due process when conducting various actions. 

As a result, Uncle Sam cannot seize some personal assets like clothing or seize your home without getting a court order, proving there is no other way to get the tax owed. 

  1. The Right to Confidentiality 

Uncle Sam is barred from sharing your tax info with a third party except you give your consent, or the law mandates it. Such law also binds tax preparers as they risk criminal action should they disclose or misuse your tax info.

The Right also allows for confidentiality for all correspondence between you and any tax professional handling your case before the IRS.

  1. The Right to Retain Representation

In the same way, an attorney can represent you in court; you can also have a professional like a CPA or tax lawyer represent you in everything concerning the IRS.

Uncle Sam needs to inform you of your Right to assistance from a Low Income Tax Clinic for people who cannot afford to hire someone. 

  1. The Right to a Just and Fair tax System

This Right ensures you are not a random number or tax return when interacting with Uncle Sam. As a result, they must consider your life as a whole, which includes situations like your ability to provide information or make payment timely, your overall health status and whatever financial hardship.

Also, you get the protection of knowing that your tax preparer will be subjected to penalties should they take unreasonable actions that warrant an underreporting of your tax. With this Right as well, Uncle Sam cannot seize your entire tax bill if you owe taxes; they need to leave a few for you to take care of basic expenses.



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