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The holiday season and #GivingTuesday

The holiday season and #GivingTuesday

You saw the store videos during Black Friday: a lot of people enter a store to carry everything they can. People go shopping all day to clear the vacation list. Now there is Cyber Monday, where people can receive the same Black Friday deals, even from the comfort of their own home. With all the attention given to gifts and offers, it's easy to ignore the fact that charitable giving can be as rewarding as making an excellent gift. Fortunately, to accompany Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is #GivingTuesday. The holiday season is not only a time for shopping but a time for charitable donations. And, like online shopping, online donations continue to grow every year.

According to a report, online donations have increased by 17% since 2016, and the average value of online contributions increased to $ 147 in 2019.

One of the main factors behind the online donation is Giving Tuesday; a global donation day launched in 2012 to encourage people around the world to come back to their causes and problems. In 2018, Giving Tuesday collected $ 400 million in online donations, up from $ 274 million in 2017 and $ 168 million in 2016.

How do I launch my holiday fundraising campaign?

To launch your holiday fundraising campaign. Follow these tips to make this donation a success for your non-profit organization on Tuesday.

  • Use hashtags: Use #GivingTuesday on your blogs, comments, and social media posts to promote your non-profit, encourage new donors and volunteers, and draw attention to your party's fundraising efforts.
  • Update your images: Edit your profile photos on social media and your profile wallpaper to an image that conveys the idea of charitable giving.
  • Set a donation goal: Nothing motivates people as a goal. Set a fundraising goal and provide regular updates to your site and social media pages to encourage subscribers to help you reach your goal.
  • Don't forget to use email: Tuesday's offer is mostly based on social media, but be sure to include donation calls in your customer emails. According to the 2019 M + R benchmark study, an email generated 13% of all online donation revenue in 2018.
  • Spread the word: Ask team members, partners, and beneficiaries to help share your goals on social media and word of mouth on Tuesday.
  • Suitable for mobile devices: Make sure your site provides a good experience for mobile users: in 2018, mobile devices accounted for 48% of non-profit website traffic and 24% of online donations.
  • Create content: Put up a blog on how people can make a change by donating to your non-profit organization on Tuesday. Highlight the work of your organization and describe in detail how Tuesday's donations will be used to advance your cause
  • Add the "Donate" buttons: Make sure your site has an easy to find a donation button and a landing page that shows potential sponsors all the ways they can donate, volunteer, or get involved.
  • Let people give directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages: If you are a non-profit organization that qualifies and submits a request to set up Facebook donations, you can add a donation button to your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to allow people to donate directly from your Twitter, Facebook pages and Instagram. They lost all the costs of processing charitable donations.
  • Tell your story: Share success stories and behind-the-scenes photos and videos that showcase the excellent work you do to inspire your audience and build a spirit of generosity.
  • Say, thank you: After Tuesday ends, be sure to thank everyone who has contributed, tell everyone if you have reached or exceeded your donation goal, and give an overview of what these donations and personalities will mean to the people it will help.

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