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Things to Know About Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit

Things to Know About Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit

Plug-in electric drive motor vehicles allow the owner to claim tax credits after purchase which does not require a refund. To enjoy such privilege, they have set down eligibility rules. 

To enjoy access to federal tax credits: Cars/trucks with four or more wheels.

The car or truck must at least have four wheels and weigh 14,000 pounds. If purchased in or after 2010 and began usage in the year of its purchase, the credit is $2,500 and $7,500, but this largely depends on the battery capacity. 

For two or three-wheeled vehicles. 

If it draws battery energy with 2.5 kW hours at least. The vehicle must be purchased between the year 2012 to 2013 and begin using in the year the credit was claimed. The credit in this instance is 10% of the purchase price and $2,500 maximum credits. The battery must at least be charged using plug-in technology. This vehicle must specifically be driven in the USA. 

Commercial vehicles are not included in the credit grant. The rules guiding these credits are found in section 30D of the internal revenue code, an offshoot of the Improvement and Extension act of 2008. To acquire this credit, a form is required to be filled by the user who must be resident in the USA and pay tax, but this does not apply to people who wish to resell their vehicle because it is not transferable. A vehicle owner may be given $417 when the vertical draw energy from the battery provides power up to 25 kilowatts per hour. 

There have been efforts to reform the Federal Vehicle Act which includes the Clean Energy for America act which will ensure the increase to $12,500, removing 200,000 eligible vehicles. These, if adopted, would give room for Tesla and General Motors’ to enjoy this privilege as they are omitted. 

It is not a once-in-a-lifetime claim because it only applies to each qualifying vehicle; if one bought two different cars in a year, one could claim credit for each of them. Form 8936 is to be filled for this service to be effective and to know the eligible vehicles. These specific credits for commercial cars are under the general business credit because it is attributed to depreciable property if otherwise treated as personal credit. The proper revision is the January 2022 Form 8936 for tax years beginning in 2021 or after. 

Importance of using plug-in electric drive motor vehicle

  • Maintenance cost: Its features include regenerative braking, no oil requirements/fuel filters, which saves maintenance costs and the chances of a breakdown. It also prevents air pollution and overall benefits for the health and environment.

  • Plug-in electric vehicles have an outstanding performance in emission compared to other cars which run on petrol. The lifespan largely depends on the source of its power. The batteries are specifically made to extend the vehicle's life; it is also energy efficient because it is powered by natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, solar energy, etc. 

  • Fuel: the fuel state of medium and large electric vehicles largely depends on the amount of fluid it carries, but when used intentionally, it maintains a general advantage over other cars. 

  • Plug-in electric vehicle credit: The US government has promised credit to its citizens using electric vehicles to enjoy ease in transportation and have fun driving. Taking advantage of these resources would boost efficiency for the country and its citizens. This and many more benefits led the US government to encourage its use by facilitating free credits for the users. 



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