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What are the least friendly tax states in America?

What are the least friendly tax states in America?

Tax filing this year got more stressful than ever. There are changes in all the federal tax code made by the 2017 Tax Reform Law which they need to conform with. Part of the modifications are lowered U.S. tax rates, standard deductions were doubled, limited itemized deductions and personal exemptions were rescinded. These changes led the people to be confused about whether they will receive a refund or owe taxes until they accomplished their 1040.

State income tax returns were affected too by the federal tax changes and that was because most states have you piggyback off your federal return and begin with a federal adjusted gross income or taxable income to calculate your tax liability. States have their own rates. Also, state standard deductions and personal exemptions are not certainly the same as their federal counterparts which means that your tax bill is dependent on how much your state did or did not do in compliance with the federal tax law changes and in effect, your tax bill could be lower or increases by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It became harder to tell because of the shakeup of how your taxes aligned with those people situated similarly in a neighboring state. Perhaps your state taxes are higher while the others are not. For a better understanding of the comparison, we create an estimation of the tax burden in each state like for a hypothetical married couple combining their earned income of $150,000, dividend income of $10,000, two dependents and a home worth $400,000 with a mortgage. The annual State-by-State Guide to Taxes was amended with respect to the findings so an individual can check how his state stacks up versus the others. If you are planning to move to a different state then this is very helpful. 

The list of tax-friendly states in the U.S. for 2019 was also updated by our end that starts with the least-friendly state. Refer to the record below and check if your state is included. Perchance it is, then you might want to put into consideration relocating to another state.

1. Illinois

2. Connecticut

3. New York 

4. Wisconsin

5. New Jersey 

6. Nebraska 

7. Pennsylvania 

8. Ohio 

9. Iowa

10. Kansas

Illinois is top on the list as the least tax-friendly state in the Union and this is not surprising at all. The state could not submit a budget for two years that leaves its taxpayers being charged an additional $1 billion for late payments as well as surcharges. As a matter of fact, the state could possibly reach a deficit of almost $3 billion this year. Therefore, Illinois taxpayers are liable for lots of new taxes and other fees.

The overall tax responsibility the workers face is highly affected by the state income taxes in particular. There are 9 states that have zero income tax and 6 of these states are included in the 10 lists above (Wyoming, Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Florida). High-income earners pay higher marginal tax rates. This indicates that Income taxes are progressive and that it is a major factor in overall taxation. Many people move to the Sunshine State on their retirement due to the status of Florida as an income-tax-free state.

The media is observing Trump's tax cuts and Democrats wealth tax proposals yet there are states in the Northeast with extremely high taxes like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut while other rural states have minimal tax levels like Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. The President and the Congress are not able to address these discrepancies.

Different tax rates around the country have promising advantages also. New York should increase its revenue for infrastructure projects that other states don't have. For instance, The Gateway Program that projects important results and renovation of the Northeast Corridor train network that specifically connects millions of people. Also, lots of wealthy people live around the area who can bear the cost.

The States you Might Consider to Avoid 

There are few states that are quite inhospitable to the needs of the retirees. Apart from their other high taxes, their pension income is also subjected to a full tax rate.

According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group in Washington, D.C., these states and their top tax rates as of 2018 are:

1. California with 13.3 percent of income over $1 million while Social Security is exempt.

2. Minnesota with 9.85 percent of income over $160,020.

3. Vermont with 8.95 percent of income over $416,650. Also, Social Security income is subject to tax.

4. Idaho with 7.4 percent of income over $11,043.

5. Connecticut with 6.99 percent of income over $500,000.

6. Nebraska with 6.84 percent of income over $30,420 and Social Security income is taxable too.

7. West Virginia of 6.5 percent on income over $60,000.

8. Rhode Island of 5.99 percent on income over $149,150.

9. Kansas of 5.7 percent on income over $30,000.

10. North Carolina of 5.499 percent on all income.

11. Massachusetts of 5.1 percent on all income.

12. Arizona of 4.54 percent on income over $155,159.

13. Indiana with 3.23 percent of your federal adjusted gross income.

14. North Dakota with 2.9 percent of income over $424,950.

In California, you will be taxed by the state at 8 percent as of 2018 even if you earn a reasonable income and this is one of the highest rates in the country- on income over $42,711.

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