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IRS Guideline Basics

IRS Guideline Basics

If you want to understand the workings of taxation in the US better and how the relevant authorities play out the whole procedure using the IRS guideline basics, contact the accountants at Richard Rogers, El Cajon for assistance. Indeed, without the help of a professional, familiarizing yourself with these guidelines can be a little challenging. However, before you set out to seek assistance from a professional, this article will help you take some mystery away and have an idea about some of the most important forms of IRS guidance. 

To be able to effective implement tax laws as outlined by the Congress, the IRS is responsible for translating the laws into detailed rules, procedures, and regulations that are to be followed. This is carried out by the Office of Chief Counsel, which then produces various publications and documents that offer the guidelines in detail to firms, taxpayers, and charitable groups. 



Both the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issue a regulation in order to provide guidance to be followed by the new legislation as well as to resolve issues that may come up in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code section. 


The regulations are published in the Federal Register and outline the directions that help with observing and interpreting the law. However, the regulations are first published as a proposal in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). Once the proposal is approved, they are published in the Federal Register as a Treasury Decision (TD). This is applicable on both temporary and final regulations. 


Revenue Ruling

This is IRS’ official interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code, related regulations, tax treaties, and statuses. Revenue Ruling is the final word given by the IRS regarding the application of law to a certain set of facts. These official interpretations are covered in the Internal Revenue Bulletin to provide guidance and information to taxpayers, tax professionals, and IRS personnel. 


For instance, a taxpayer may refer to the revenue ruling in the Internal Revenue Bulletin to find out if there are rules about deducting certain property or automobile expenses. 


Revenue Procedures

A revenue procedure is an official procedure or statement that has an impact on the duties, responsibilities or rights of members of the public, including taxpayers, under the Internal Revenue Code, related tax treaties, regulations, and statuses and therefore should be available for public knowledge. 

These official procedures are also published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin. Both revenue procedure and revenue ruling are different from each other as the former provides instructions such as return filing or areas concerning the position of the IRS whereas the latter states the position of the IRS. Put simply, a revenue procedure will more appropriately specify how can one calculate the deduction in the expenses he or she is entitled. You can even find a tax preparer to do this for you. 

Private Letter Ruling

A private letter ruling, or PLR for short, is another official written statement provided to a taxpayer which details the tax laws that apply to a certain set of facts specific to the taxpayer. This statement is issued to establish with confidence the federal tax consequences applicable on a specific transaction before the taxpayer files the return, or before the consummation of the transaction. 

A PLR is only provided to the taxpayer when he or she submits a written request asking for it. A PLR is issued and is binding on the IRS if the taxpayer accurately and authentically describes the proposed transaction as it has been described. 

A Private Letter Ruling may not be considered as precedent by IRS personnel or other taxpayers. Once the information about the specific taxpayer is taken out, a private letter ruling is made available to the public. Your accountant can give you more detail on how a PLR works. 

Technical Advice Memorandum

A technical Advice Memorandum is a form of guidance published by the Office of Chief Counsel catering to the request made by an area director or IRS director in order to respond to procedural or technical issues or questions that may arise during a proceeding. 

An IRS director may request for a Technical Advice Memorandum after the return from a taxpayer is examined, considering a claim from the taxpayer, or a credit or refund. The request may also stem from any other matter which involves certain taxpayers under the jurisdiction of the area director or manager. 

Technical Advice Memoranda are provided on closed transactions only and include a detailed interpretation and application of tax laws, regulations, revenue rulings, tax treaties or other precedents. Once the taxpayer’s details are removed, the memoranda are made public.  


A notice is a public declaration containing guidelines involving interpretation and application of the Internal Revenue Code or similar law provisions. For instance, notices are implemented to relate what a regulation will cover for a particular situation in case there are no regulations published for a situation that may arise in the immediate future. Find a tax professional for IRS Guidelines and find the help you are looking for to understand the importance of notices better. 


Announcements are similar to notices as they are also public declarations, only without a long-term effect or value. These are made for short-term purposes only. For instance, such pronouncements are made to summarize the regulations or law without involving substantive application or interpretation for a given situation that may arise. Announcements are used to state what regulations will cover when they are certain for being published in the near future. It is often the best method for notifying taxpayers if some deadline is approaching. If you are working with a tax preparer, he or she might take care of such announcements on your behalf. 

If you are looking for a tax preparer or accountant to help you understand the IRS guideline basics and implement them to perfection, Richard Rogers and his team are available at your services. With a team of professional accountants and years of experience under our belt, we are the first choice of many taxpayers living in or around El Cajon, CA. If you are still mystified about resolving the guidelines mentioned in this article, let us deal with your taxpaying responsibilities.

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