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  • Accountant
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  • 2000
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  • 502-231-4303
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  • 8305 Dawson Hill Rd
    Louisville, KY 40299
    United States of America

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  • By Appointment only. Weekend and Evening appointments available
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  • Check, Cash, Credit Card, Pay from Refund, paypal, venmo

About Tiffany Gaskin

We are family owned and operated with over 20 years experience. Very reasonable rates.  Individual & Business taxes, as well as bookkeeping services available. 

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What is a Work Opportunity Tax Credit?

Most countries in the world are taking the issue of diversity seriously by checking all aspects of government rules and ensuring no group in society is marginalized. This transformative...

Essential Things You Need to Know About Natural Disaster & Taxes

We hardly hope for a natural disaster, but they come and strike us many times. This results in a series of disasters alongside the destruction of life and properties. For victims of...

The 2021 Tax Reform is Expected to be Substantial & Far-Reaching

The White House and Treasury released the first details of the Biden administration's 2021 tax reform proposal, a major focus in Washington, DC. Tax code changes are expected in...

Tax Deductions for the Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is a business owner as well, like a sole proprietor.As a result, you get the liberty to structure your schedule and create a career path for yourself. While...

Biden's Proposal to Tax Long-Term Capital Gains is Unlikely to Affect You; This is What You Should Know.

President Joe Biden presented his plan for American families in late April, one of three aspects of the Build Back Better program that guided the first 100 days of his presidency....

Tested Ways to Beat Credit Card Debts

One of the greatest sources of financial burden for most Americans is credit card debt. It is pretty prevalent in all households and affects both the men and women folk. However,...

Best Cities to Retire in 2021

Almost everyone looks forward to retirement time as it presents an opportunity to rest. You take a permanent break from work while you get enough time to follow your passion. However,...

Everything You Need to Know About Taxes on Rental Income

What is Rental Income?Uncle Sam defines rental income as any payment you receive for using or occupying the property. Examples are rent payments, security deposits, advance rent, fees...

Business Trip and Tax Deductions

A self-employed individual can generally deduct their necessary and ordinary business expenses incurred when traveling for business purposes from their income. However, it is important...

How Employees Can Claim Mileage Deductions if their Employers do not Reimburse

In many cases, reimbursement of mileage is not compulsory in the United States even though there is a yearly Standard Mileage Rate for employers and their workers categorized as follows:With...

Why Happily Married Couples Should File Separately

It might make sense for married couples to file their taxes jointly to get the benefits that come with marriage. However, this is not always the case, as separate filing might be better...

The Dos & Don’ts of Retirement Planning

One of the most critical stages in the life of a human is retirement. With the life expectancy of typical humans increasing, it is essential to make an adequate retirement plan.While...

Removing Tax Liens From a Credit Report & What it Means

As of April 2020, tax liens are no longer included in a credit report. This decision is due to the fact that they usually contain judgments that were wrongly reported.  However,...

Essential Steps To Take If You Have a Tax Problem

Every small business and individual taxpayer dreads receiving correspondence from the IRS. Many times, your senses assume the news will be unpalatable. While the mail could be...

Tax Tips for American Seniors – 65 and Above

We all want to reduce what we send to Uncle Sam. For seniors age 65 and above, we discuss essential tax tips that can help them err on the side of caution:Seniors and Standard Deductions As...

What Happens if you Miss the Tax Filing Deadline?

The country is gradually recovering from the Coronavirus's effects, and the tax deadline has been pushed until May 17th and while we have just over a month to the filing deadline,...

Major Risks Every Stock Investor Faces

There is no investment that is risk-free. However, being smart with an investment that meets your goal can bring down stock and bond risk, provided it meets your risk profile. Although,...

Divorced and its Effect on Your Social Security Benefits

A lot of factors determine the value one will get as Social Security benefits. A few of these are the age of claiming, whether you are still working after claiming the benefits, the...

An Insight Into The Federal Gas Tax

Every time you top your vehicle off at the gas station, there are state and federal gas taxes you are paying for every gallon of fuel you buy. The federal tax on gasoline is set...

C Corporation: Higher Taxes and Other Advantages

For small businesses that are growing, they can consider a C corporation for their business structure when it's time to expand fully. There are advantages and disadvantages that...

Tax Guide for Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad

Yes, if you are a U.S. citizen living abroad or a resident alien, you must file income, estate, and gift tax returns. You are expected to pay taxes regardless of where you may be (the...

Tax Guide For Agricultural Employers

This publication is intended for employers of farmworkers (agricultural workers). It contains information you may need to comply with farm labor (farm work) laws regarding Social Security...

Tax Deductions Rental Property Owner Can Take

For everyone with real estate that they offer for rent, there is the potential for tax deductions besides the regular income it guarantees. However, the first step is to ascertain...

Should Trust Beneficiaries Pay Taxes?

Ideally, trust beneficiaries need to pay taxes on the distributions they get from the income from a trust and not the tax coming from the trust. Although, the beneficiary need not...

Innocent Spouse Relief: Who Is Eligible and How to Get It From the IRS

On joint tax returns, both taxpayers are generally responsible for the tax bill. But innocent spouse relief is one way to avoid paying the additional taxes you may owe to the IRS if...

U.S. Income Tax Treaties

The USA has tax treaties with numerous foreign countries. Under these treaties, residents of foreign countries pay taxes at a reduced rate or are exempt from U.S. taxes on certain...

Exploring The Additional Medicare Tax (0.9%)

The Additional Medicare Tax has been enacted since 2013, which affects taxpayers that make more than 200,000 USD or 250,000 USD as married couples. This set of people will pay an extra...

Tax Tips for Winnings and Losses from Gambling

The gambling industry in America is booming because fresh casinos and sports betting centers are springing up in various parts of the country. People that enjoy gambling know and realize...

Understanding Pension Plans

The idea behind a pension plan is to provide a monthly income for a particular age group. The responsibilities of funding the program lie solely with the employer. This article provides...

Understanding Form 1099-OID: Original Issue Discount

For everyone that will include some amount of OID in their tax income, they must file Form 1099 OID. We refer to OID as the leftover from the redemption price of obligation when it...

How To Determine If Your Activity Qualifies as a Business or a Hobby

We all have that one activity we love to do. It is something used to take our minds off the stress of the day; it is our escape. However, there comes a time when this activity becomes...

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