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Understanding Interest Income and Its Implications

Interest income is the entire amount of interest that an amount generates in a given period. This amount can be likened to the investment balance used to calculate the return on investment...

No Credit vs. Bad Credit: Understanding What Each Entails

Credit is one of the issues that bother consumers a lot. One day you have your credit score rating as "good," and months later, you dropped. You tried and tried to pinpoint...

Five Home Deduction Tips For Homeowners

There are many financial responsibilities involved in owning a house. It is one of the most significant investments that people ever make. This is why a knowledge of the credits and...

Top Sources of Nontaxable Income for Taxpayers

Everyone needs to pay tax (Federal and State taxes) on most income coming from work or investment. There are, however, some sort of income you will not have to pay taxes on. This...

How are Collectibles Taxed?

Investing in collectibles could be rewarding, and users might get impressive returns. It, however, comes with a series of risks. For people smart enough to avoid the risk, they cannot...

Seven Rules to Follow for Alimony and Taxes

Also known as spousal maintenance, alimony is the payment from one spouse to the other after divorce. This payment helps the lower-earning spouse maintain the same standard of living...

Filing an Amended Tax Return with the IRS in 5 Simple Steps

To file an amended tax return, you will need to fill the Internal Revenue Service Form 1040X (This is the Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) and send it to the IRS. The tax...

IRS Announces 2021 Health Contribution Limits

The Internal Revenue Service has announced new, higher contribution limits for health savings accounts for the year 2021. A person will be allowed to contribute $3, 600 for individual...

Here is How the IRS Knows About Unreported Income

Trying to hide your income from Uncle Sam is a bad idea. Even if you are smart enough to hide it, the credit info alongside third party banking can get the IRS's radar on youAt...

Breaking Down Corrections to the CARES Act and the Rollover Relief for RMDs

The CARES Act caused some confusion regarding Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and IRS Notice 2020-51 cleared it up.The CARES Act helped the RMDs to be waived. If the RMD is taken...

Do I Need a Trust If I Have a Will?

There are two types of estate planning, will, and trust. Will is like an aristocratic order to be followed after an individual dies. If there is guardianship of the individual's...

Here’s Why Big Tax Refund Is Not Always Good News

The average tax return in the United States in 2016 was $2,860. It’s kind of impossible for most people not to celebrate getting a large tax refund. It’s definitely better...

How To Invest In an Alternative Finances In Your IRA Account

If you've accumulated money in your retirement account for years, the last thing you want to do is see it shrink when the stock market goes down. Ask anyone who is 65 or older...

How Uniswap Taxes Work

Uniswap is a point-to-point decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that you can use to exchange ERC 20 tokens. The Uniswap exchange is different from a conventional exchange, such as...

Property Tax vs. Property Tax

If you own a house or a car, you probably know the property tax. Local governments charge these fees and use the money to pay for projects and services for the good of the community,...

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services: What are the Differences?

Breaking Down PayrollPayroll, in the most basic mean, is a company’s list of employees. However, it is also commonly used to refer to:The calculation and distribution of paychecks...

Municipal Bonds: How do they work?

Municipal bonds can be thought of as loans that the investors create to local governments. Cities, states, counties, or other local governments are the usual issuer of these bonds....

Crypto Tax Cheats: How & Why the IRS Hunts Them

The IRS is considering building cases against taxpayers who are not able to report cryptocurrency. Even if more tax rules awareness is presented nowadays, it is believed that millions...

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