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We have offices in Portland, Indiana  Union City Indiana  Parker City  and Celina Ohio additionally.

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When To Consider Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may make sense if you cannot pay off your debts by covering retirement, food, and shelter obligations.Bankruptcy is definitely not the end of the world. It could be good...

An Insight into the Alternative Minimum Tax

Unknown to some people, when they get to a particular income level, a parallel tax system applies to their income. This is a distinct tax structure called the Alternative minimum tax...

Hard Credit Checks vs. Soft Credit Checks: What's the Difference?

A hard credit application occurs when a lender checks your credit before approving a loan, such as a home or a car loan or credit card that you have applied for. A soft inquiry occurs...

What is a 401k Rollover?

If you lose or quit your job, your 401k retirement savings can come with you. There are options for your 401k funds when this happens, and one is to switch to an Individual Retirement...

What To Do When You Get a Notice From The IRS

Getting a notice from Uncle Sam does not necessarily mean you are in trouble. When you get any notice from Uncle Sam, there are many courses of action to take. So the best plan is...

Tips to Find the Best Tax Preparer for You

or everyone who needs help filing their taxes, this is a reliable checklist that can direct you towards the right person. Many people love working with a tax preparer to ease...

Required Closing Costs When Buying a House

The process of buying a house could be complicated, especially for first-time buyers that have no idea of the process. Closing costs are one of the areas frequently misunderstood as...

Essential Factors to Consider in Selecting a Tax Resolution Company

Approaching Uncle Sam yourself is a mistake you don’t want to make. Know that the IRS has trained agents and psychologists expert at squeezing you for the truth and getting you...

Having Ties to Multiple States: How to File

State Income Tax tipThe best way to get the answers on the tax requirement for each state is to contact a tax professional or visit the tax authority website for each state. Military...

2021 Tax Tips for Gig Workers

This historic pandemic triggered a 25% rise in the freelancing market last year in which many people turned to work from home to supplement their income. For long-time gig workers...

Possible Reasons You Might Need a Trust

Many people feel they do not need trust. They believe since they do not have a large estate, they do not need any elaborate planning. They believe it's expensive and complicated....

When & Why Should I Talk with a Financial Advisor?

One way to plan financially for your future is by getting educated about wealth management and other money matters. With the right financial advice, you can create an easy plan that...

Old Credit Cards: What You Should Do With Them

It is pertinent to know how to handle old credit cards with identity theft and fraud as prevalent as never before. As a result, you should not just leave the old card lying in your...

Effect of a Student Loan on Your Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing that many people look forward to. It presents a unique opportunity to live together with your heartthrob eventually, and it changes a huge part of your...

I Never Got My Stimulus Check, Now What?

Congress already passed a new bill approving the third stimulus check. However, many people are yet to get their second checks. A lot of people have no idea where their second stimulus...

Financial Hardship: Do You Qualify?

Only people that are on the moon or another planet will be alien to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all economies of the world have been severely hit with various job losses and...

Unreported Income: This is How Uncle Sam knows

Yeah, we understand that you do not want to let go of your hard-earned money to the IRS. However, trying to hide it from Uncle Sam is a recipe for trouble. No matter how smart you...

What is Gross Income: IRC Section 65

Uncle Sam knows that many taxpayers are trying to limit or completely get rid of their federal income tax. They do this by claiming that all forms of compensation and funds received...

Cryptocurrency Tax 2020: What You Need to Know

Do you own cryptocurrencies? Maybe you bought Bitcoin years ago when it cost $ 100 and decided to make big profits in 2021. Or perhaps you got into the revolution late and bought some...

Everything You Need to Know About 403 (b), 401k, & 457 Plans

Retirement plans come in many types available for everyone to choose from. Self-employed people, however, are restricted only to 401(k) and 403(b) as their primary retirement account. This...


What is a dependent?A dependent is a qualified person other than the taxpayer or spouse, who gives the taxpayer the right to request a dependency exemption on their income tax return....

Major Types of IRS Audits

The only thing we want from Uncle Sam is our tax refund. Getting any other correspondence, especially for issues like audit, does not augur well with most people. Problems with taxes...

Mortgage Interests and Taxes

Everyone dreams of owning a home, especially if they’ve got a family. This explains why a mortgage is the most significant financial transaction most people undergo in their...

The Concept of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

TAXES! You may not enjoy getting those tax deductions, but you must understand how the system works to file correctly and avoid penalties. The AGI is a vital aspect of personal...

Things You Should Know About IRA Rollovers.

There are subtle variations between what is considered an IRA transfer and what is considered an IRA rollover. Important to know – with either one for the rollover to be tax-free,...

Understanding the Statute of Limitations

We consider a statute of limitations as a law that places the maximum period that the people involved in a dispute need to start a legal proceeding from when an offense commenced,...

The Home Office Tax Deduction

Using a section of your home for business makes you qualify for some deductions, which Uncle Sam calls the "business use of your home." As long as one meets all the requirements,...

Uncle Sam Reveals Limits for HSAs in 2021

There will be an increase in contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts in 2021. Self-only coverage will have an increase of $50, while family coverage will have an increase of...

Repeal of Special Estimated Tax Payments

Congress retroactively repealed the 2017 Tax Act that imposed income taxes on unrelated business income tax on non-profits that provided employees with qualifying transportation benefits....

Pros and Cons of Tax Refund Loans

For many tax payers, their refund check is eagerly anticipated. However, there are options available that allow you to access your refund right away versus waiting for the government...

What Can I Deduct On My Taxes

The tax filing season is just around the corner, and it officially started yesterday on Tuesday, January, 19, 2016 as announced by the IRS. Tax payers will be able to file their individual...

4 Important Tax Deductions for Home-Based Businesses

Working out of your home can save your small business lots of money, but you can save even further by accurately filing your tax returns to take advantage of home-based business deductions....

Need-to-Know Tax Deductions for Your Small Business Vehicle

For small businesses, every tax deduction counts. Each deduction lowers the amount of taxable profit that your business must claim. Vehicles can be a good source of deductions, as...

Trust Fund Tax Penalties for Small Businesses

Small businesses that have employees must collect taxes from their employees whenever the employer issues a paycheck. These funds then go into a trust fund account that employers use...

Things small business owners should know about payroll tax problems

As an owner of a small business your main aim is to probably get your business growing at a steady rate in the market so that you can pay all your employees on time. Failure to...

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