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  • 2019
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  • Cash, check, credit card, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle
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  • Individual tax return starting at $150
    Business tax return starting at $300
    IRS audit representation $100/hr
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  • IRS Enrolled Agent
    IRS Certified Acceptance Agent

About Karen Munoz, EA

I am a former IRS Revenue Agent with over 20 years’ experience.   Having recently retired from government service, I have transitioned to private practice as an IRS Enrolled Agent providing tax preparation services and representation for personal and business taxes.  


Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS subject to a suitability check and must pass a three-part Special Enrollment Examination, which is a comprehensive exam that requires them to demonstrate proficiency in federal tax planning, individual and business tax return preparation, and representation. Enrolled agents may generally represent any taxpayer regarding any tax matter before any IRS office, also known as unlimited practice rights.


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Divorce comes with a series of surging emotions and the last thing on people’s mind, most times is finances. However, you will make several decisions that might directly or indirectly...

Qualification for the Earned Income tax Credit (EITC)

Also known as EITC or EIC, the Earned Income tax Credit is a refundable credit, meaning that if you owe no tax and you qualify, you will get the value of the credit. The idea is to...

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When tax season is upon us, it is usually when tax professionals get panic questions from clients who are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because they haven't...

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Having a cash flow projection can be the difference between a thriving business and filling for a Chapter 11 for small business owners.A study found that 30% of businesses fail because...

Bookkeeping Horrible Habits to Avoid

Having an up-to=date book is primal to your business success. Freelancers might be able to keep tabs on their bank account to know their business success. However, with bookkeeping...

What To Do With An Inherited IRA

The loss of a loved one can lead to emotional burden and significant financial debt related to the settling of the estate. If you are the beneficiary of a retirement plan's assets,...

Understanding the Concept of Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds are investment types that combine the best advantage of two assets. As a result, users enjoy the benefit of diversification of mutual funds alongside the ease...

Paying Your Taxes With a Credit Card: How and When

Paying taxes with a credit card presents a rare opportunity to get points if you use a credit card. While many employees only have to deal with taxes once a year (April 15), self-employed...

Is Income Tax Compulsory on Personal Loans?

As long as you repay such a loan fully, there is no need for income taxes on a personal loan. However, the forgiveness of any part of the loan or paying the loan for a lesser amount...

Enrolled Agents Are The United States Tax Relief Experts

An enrolled agent is someone who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS by passing a comprehensive IRS test covering personal and corporate income tax returns...

Limitations on Business Expense

Almost every section of the tax code was changed by the 2017 TCJA, which also affected every taxpayer, including businesses. While some of these changes were positive (reduced tax...

2021 Tax Benefit of Buying a House

While many people might not realize, there are amazing tax benefits of purchasing a house. Two significant advantages are the property tax deduction and the mortgage interest, which...

Franchise Tax: How Businesses Pay It

The tax that exists on all business income differs in various states. While some US states tax corporations strictly, others tax many forms of businesses. Various states have different...

Understanding Tax Levy & its Effect

A tax levy is any collection employed by Uncle Sam and other tax authorities like the state treasury to settle tax debts that people owe.The process involves collecting and seizure...

Essential Tax Tips for Freelancers

Paying taxes should be a priority for everyone, no matter the line of business. One of the areas where the government shows incredible seriousness and dexterity is collecting tax debts....

Financial & Tax Tips For New Couples

When you get married, everything about you changes and this includes your financial status, tax obligations, filing status, and so much more. Here are tips that can immensely...

The Implication on Your Taxes, of a Raise

A lot of people worry that if they get a raise, they will have to pay a higher tax, leaving them in a terrible financial situation. However, it is wrong and a misconception of the...

Airbnb Taxes: Important Things You Should Know

Airbnb and a series of other home-sharing firms are fantastic ways to bring in extra income. You might have a spare room to let, lease out your house when on vacation, or even have...

Understanding Municipal Bond Funds and its Taxation

When a city, state, or county raises funding for state projects by issuing debt security, it is called municipal bonds. Common projects under such categories are road construction,...

Understanding Reverse Mortgage and Taxes

A reverse mortgage is a means of generating income when you employ the equity in your home. This loan provides an excellent way for seniors to get money if finances are not working...

Tax-Exempt Organization: Requirement for Tax Exemption

IRC Code, Section 501(c) sheds light explicitly on the critical requirement for a tax-exempt organization. In applying for tax exemptions, firms need first to apply to be recognized...

Private Activity Bond (PAB)

What is a private activity bond (PAB)?PABs are tax-exempt bonds distributed by or on behalf of a state or local authority to provide special financial benefits for eligible projects....

Interest on Student Loan

Student loan interest stands out for having a lower rate, which might be attractive to many. However, there are still a couple of things to know if you consider taking a student loan. Effect...

Important Tax Tips When Filing for Divorce or Separation

Going through the process of divorce or separation can be a very difficult time. Consider these tax tips for avoiding mistakes with the IRS.The process of divorce or separation is...

Long Term Care: Is it Tax-Qualified or Not?

It can be an overwhelming thought if you don't know what share of your care insurance policy (Long term) will go to Uncle Sam.  This post will shed light on the operation...

Your Rights as a Taxpayer

Audits, collections, taxes, and fees - these conditions can sow fear in taxpayers' hearts during tax season.You may be concerned that an error in your tax return could result in...

The Farmers Tax Guide

While taxes for 2020 are not due until 2021, many important financial decisions made now can have a major impact on farm taxes and when they are paid. An important resource is the...

Understanding Treasury Offset Program (TOP) and Its Effect on Your Refund

A refund offset is a process in which the taxpayer will not get the full refund; instead, the excess federal income tax will be used to service unpaid government debt. Many people...

Are Merit Awards and Prizes Taxable?

What if you had the chance to win an award of excellence for your outstanding contributions to art, community service, or science? Do you have to pay income tax on this amount? The...

Understanding Alternative Minimum (AMT) Tax and How it Works

An alternative minimum tax puts a cap on the tax percentage amount every taxpayer must pay no matter the deductions or credit they claim. As long as your income is above a specified...

What Should You Prepare for Your Tax Appointment?

It is not a good idea to turn up empty-handed if you have a tax appointment. You need some records as proof as it will save you time and effort.New clients need to have copies of the...

When Holiday Gifts Can be Deductible or Taxable

If you're like most business owners who want to close the year and prepare taxes this month, there are several holiday expenses that you can deduct that can save you thousands...

What is the Standard Mileage Rate?

The standard mileage rate, also known as daily mileage or deductible mileage, is a rate set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) per mile maintained by a taxpayer for business purposes...

The New Charitable Deduction for Non-itemizers

Several charities are experiencing a drop in donations as the United States grapples with the COVID health crisis. In response, Congress included a clause in the CARES Act, designed...

What Is The Transition Tax?

Some laws remain relatively unchanged for decades, if not centuries. However, tax laws are not timeless and must reflect an ever-changing global economy, complex government changes,...

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