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  • 2014
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    1040 EZ      $79
    1040 A        $159
    1040           $189
    Schedule A  $28
    Schedule C  $41
    Schedule D  $15
    EIC             $45

About Niner's Accounting & Tax Services, LLC

We are an Accounting & Tax company designed with the needs of the client in mind. We provide a unique experience in that, you as the client, do not have to leave the comforts of your business or home. All of your services can be accomplished through your own personal encrypted client portal. We are always available to answer any questions through email or over the phone.


We specialize in tax preparation services for individuals and small businesses but we are also equipped to handle all other types of taxes. Our staff are comprised of Enrolled Agents who demonstrate significant tax knowledge either by passing a comprehensive test or by virtue of specific experience gained as an IRS employee. Enrolled Agents are granted unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, demonstrate special competence in tax matters, adhere to ethical standards, and are required to stay current with tax law and regulations by completing a minimum amount of continuing education annually. Only an Enrolled Agent will prepare your taxes from start to finish.


We offer an upfront estimated quote on our tax preparation services. You can receive an instant quote by selecting the services and products relevant to you. Tax preparation services are charged on a per form basis.   You do not pay until we complete the work and you’re 100% satisfied. Our work comes with a 100% accuracy guarantee. We will correct our mistakes at no additional cost to you.* (see note below). We are confident our prices and services can’t be beat by the large tax preparer firms. We only use Enrolled Agents to prepare your taxes rather than registered tax preparers which results in less mistakes meaning less penalties and fees and less headaches for you the client. Our prices are cheaper as we have very little overhead and are not interested in taking advantage of our clients. We pride ourselves on offering professional and quality work, great customer service, at a very reasonable price.

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